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In Mangalagangosri, Karnataka, Mangalore University is one of the oldest universities and has been providing higher education for many years. Mangalore University created a Centre for Distance Education to ensure that students from all social groups may access education. To export top-notch higher education through cutting-edge communication networks is the goal of the newly established department of remote education.


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Since 2004 Mangalore University has been a reputable institution for distance learning. In order to ensure that all students have access to an education, Mangalore University established the Center of Distance Education and set up a Correspondence Education Program.


  • Prof Badiadka Narayana

    He is a part of Department of Chemistry at Mangalore University. He is working since 1985.
  • Prof Hosahalli Shashirekha

    She works for Mangalore University's Department of Computer Science. She has been employed since 1997.
  • Prof Mustiary Begum

    She is employed with the business Administration Department of Mangalore University. She started working in 1988.
  • Prof P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya

    Since 2005, Prof. P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya has served as the University of Mangalore's Vice Chancellor. Prior to that, from 1986 until 2004, he worked as a professor in the Department of Commerce at Mangalore University.
  • Prof Parinitha

    She is a Professor in Department of English at Mangalore University. She has been employed since 1995.

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  • Name: Mahsoosaku

    Batch: 2015 90 min. ago

    “I’m a student at Mangalore University College. It is a very good institution. It has both bachelor’s and master’s courses. It has science commerce and arts. It is an A-grade college. They have very good teaching and non-teaching staff. College is 150 years old. It is even known as kumpu kothe. It is even famous for extra caricature activities.”
  • Name: Mangalore University

    Batch: 2013 90 min. ago

    This is a great university, I am a part of this university for the past year, this university provides a chance to learn something and explore your skills. Academic programs are always held in such a way that all the students and staff working here can take advantage of it. The administration is the best part of this university, the administrators are good and supportive, they overcome every problem of the students and staff associated with this university.
  • Name: Yathishk01

    Batch: 2018 115 min. ago

    Extracurricular programs are held regularly and every student studying here has an equal chance to participate in it and win several prizes. The Alumni network of this university is good, the university colleges are spread all over the state. Overall it is a good university, where students not only gain degrees but also good manners and great knowledge.

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  • 5 Reasons Why a Distance MBA in Tourism from Mangalore University is a Great Investment

    Published by: University Guroo 50 min. ago.

    The Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree has long been seen as a vital asset for people looking to advance their business knowledge. With the development of online education, working people can pursue an MBA from the convenience of their homes or offices. Mangalore University is a top pick among the numerous prestigious colleges offering Distance MBA (Tourism) programs.
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  • Why Choose BBA at Mangalore University A Detailed Guide

    Published by: University Guroo 50 min. ago.

    Choosing the right educational institution is crucial to shaping your academic and professional journey. Mangalore University stands out as an excellent choice if you are considering pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. Renowned for its quality education and comprehensive curriculum, Mangalore University offers a BBA program that prepares students for a successful career in the dynamic world of business.
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  • Ways In Which Mangalore University Can Help Your Career

    Published by: University Guroo 50 min. ago.

    Your career is a journey that needs the appropriate planning, training, and opportunity to succeed. You need to get the appropriate education from a reputable university in order to have a successful job. Mangalore University is distinguished as a bulwark of learning and development among the several academic institutions. Mangalore University is a fantastic choice if you're seeking for a school that can advance your career. The university provides a top-notch education, courses that are applicable to the workplace, fantastic placement opportunities, and a welcoming environment.
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  • Dive Deep into Hindi Literature Pursue an MA at Mangalore University

    Published by: University Guroo 50 min. ago.

    Hindi literature brims with eloquence, profound poetry, and insightful philosophy. It throws mild at the cultural diversity of India and well-known shows the intensity of human emotions.If you like Hindi and want to explore the large international of Hindi literature, then a Masters degree in Hindi from Mangalore University may be a transformative journey. In this blog, we can communicate approximately MA applications in Mangalore University for folks who need to dive deeper into Hindi literature.
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  • A Comprehensive Guide to the Courses Offered at Mangalore University

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    Mangalore University is located in Mangalagangotri, a serene campus set amidst the picturesque metropolis of Mangalore within the nation of Karnataka, India. The University was founded on September 10, 1980, as a public university to cater to the instructional needs of the coastal location of Karnataka. Numerous programs are available at Mangalore University for individuals with varied educational backgrounds and areas of interest. For its exceptional academic offerings and a broad selection of educational opportunities, Mangalore University is well-known.
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FAQ's about Mangalore University


Q - Is distance learning offered at Mangalore University?

Yes, students can enroll in genuine and UGC-approved distance education courses through Mangalore University's Centre for distance education.


Q - Is Mangalore University recognized by the NAAC?

Yes, Mangalore has received Grade "A" accreditation from NAAC for its contributions to education.


Q - Is the Mangalore University Center for Distance Education accredited?

Yes, the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau have acknowledged and given their approval to the Center for Distance Education created by Mangalore University.


Q- What grade point average need you have in order to get admitted to any PG Department at the Mangalore University Centre for Distance Education?

Candidates who want to enroll in Mangalore University's PG Distance Education Program must have earned at least a 50% grade point average in their undergraduate degree. Mangalore University or any of its affiliated colleges must be used to obtain the graduation degree.


Q – How is the course material get delivered to the students?

Students are required to read the books recommended in the learning material, with the study materials provided by the Center for Distance Education serving as the primary source.
Students have access to the materials held by the library, department of Education, study centers, and schools at Mangalore University. Both physical visits and mail requests are acceptable methods of obtaining the resources offered by the Center for Distance Education.


Q- What evaluation and examination process at MUDE?

The semester exam will be evaluated on a 100-point scale, with the question paper accounting for 70 points and the internal assessment for the remaining 30.

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