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The Lovely Professional University (LPU), founded in 2005, launched LPU Online as a division. Lovely Professional University (LPU), a reputable university with over 15 years of experience in offering students higher education degrees and courses, has now ventured to extend the same educational support facilities to students across the country and abroad through the use of virtual learning platforms.


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Bachelor of Arts Online BA 5+ Specialization
Master Of Arts Online MA 5+ Specialization

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University Online Expert Review

Lovely Professional Online University (LPU Online) is a leading online university in India that offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various fields. The university leverages technology to deliver high-quality education to students from all over the world, making it accessible and convenient. LPU Online provides students with access to experienced faculty members, cutting-edge technology, and a strong support system to help them succeed. The university emphasizes interactive learning and provides students with opportunities to collaborate with their peers and engage in real-world projects.


The LPU Online faculty is made up of experienced instructors with outstanding academic and professional credentials. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the online classroom and offer students individualized attention and coaching all the way through their academic careers. The faculty members are dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education and making sure they get the assistance they need to be successful in their particular programs. To engage students and improve their learning experiences, they make use of contemporary teaching strategies and tools. The faculty members are committed to keeping up with the most recent trends and advancements in their domains and passing this knowledge to their students to better prepare them for the demands of the modern workforce.

  • Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta

    Vice Chancellor at Lovely Professional University | Former Research Collaborator at Stanford University - Dr. Lovi Raj Gupta is the Vice Chancellor, Lovely Professional University. He is a leading figure in the field of technology and higher education in the country. He has received numerous honours and recognition for his research-focused methodology and perceptive, innovative use of technology in teaching. He has a PhD in Bioinformatics. He got his bachelor's degree. (Hons) of Mechanical Engineering from MITS, Gwalior and his M.Tech. BA in Computer Aided Design and Interactive his Graphics at his IIT in Kanpur
  • Dr. Sanjay Modi

    Professor & Executive Dean, Faculty of Business & Arts, Lovely Professional University The position of pro vice chancellor of Lovely Professional University is presently held by Dr. Sanjay Modi. He is a professor and the executive dean of Lovely Professional University's faculty of business and the arts.
  • Dr.PP Singh

    Doctorate at Punjab Technical University, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) at Kurukshetra University Dr. PP Singh spent about three years working in manufacturing at the KASNA plant for Asian Paints. Then he started working in sales for Sericol India, a Castrol India subsidiary. After 2.5 years, he left as Manager (Sales Administration, North). He started out as a LECTURER and spent about 9 years working in various capacities for ACADEMICS AND ADMINISTRATION. From March 2011 till January 2012, he served as a Director at the Guru Gobind Singh Institute of Technology and Management Studies (MBA), Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. For the CT GROUP OF INSTITUTES, he served as CAMPUS DIRECTOR. The University School of Business at Chandigarh University hired him afterwards as a director. He oversaw the SDTC, Faridabad, Technical Campus, which houses the Engineering and Management Institutes.
  • Dr.Rajesh Verma

    Lovely Professional University | LPU Mittal School of Business (ACBSP, USA Accredited) Doctor of Philosophy At the moment, Dr.Rajesh Verma is employed by the Lovely Professional University in Punjab's Mittal School of Business (ACBSP, USA Accredited) (India). His knowledge spans disciplines including strategic management and marketing management. Market orientation, political marketing, business models, and a critical viewpoint on the application of marketing theory are among his research interests.

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University COURSES


  • Name: Mohit Aneja, MA

    Batch: 2018 150 min. ago

    Their programme actually helped me to move from being the Network trainee to the Manager. I actually implemented what I learn in the course and here I am, enjoying all the perks of a Project Manager.
  • Name: Gurdeep, MBA

    Batch: 2019 165 min. ago

    The programmes are crafted keeping in mind the busy working schedule for working professionals. The study materials are in depth and comprehensive. I would highly recommend the course to the people who want to grow in their career.
  • Name: Bhavna, MBA

    Batch: 2018 170 min. ago

    I really appreciate the meticulous support given by the placement cell. I was able to attend interview for many good marketing- based companies and had a chance to meet and interact with people with good influence .
  • Name: Yogesh Kumar, M.SC

    Batch: 2020 120 min. ago

    What I really like about the course is how well design their LMS is. I was able to access all my study material and e-resources easily. Interaction with the faculty and peers was always a fun activity. I really enjoyed studying their online programme.

Latest University Updates


  • LPU Online MBA program detailed review of Specializations Fees Placements and Admissions Criteria

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 130 min. ago.

    Lovely Professional University's Online MBA Program is meticulously designed to furnish professionals with essential managerial competencies for global business leadership. Its flexible format is conducive to balancing career and personal life while advancing education. Structured as a two-year initiative, the MBA is segmented into four semesters. Each period encompasses a breadth of core and elective coursework that encapsulates diverse business management domains.
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  • Advantages of Earning Online MSc in Mathematics from Lovely Professional University

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 160 min. ago.

    Mathematics is an exciting and challenging subject with applications in a variety of industries. It is no surprise that universities are offering online courses as the world continues to embrace technology. Lovely Professional University is at the center of this development with one of the best online MSc in the Mathematics program world.
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  • Five Reasons to Choose Lovely Professional University for Online MBA Program

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 130 min. ago.

    The economy is changing at a rapid pace and in today's competitive job market, many people are looking for ways to differentiate themselves and climb the career ladder. That is why a business degree is important: it will teach you how to adapt and grow with the times. You will learn about a wide range of sectors such as technology, health care, and finance.

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  • Top Online Courses at Lovely Professional University

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 110 min. ago.

    Online education has grown in popularity in recent years since it offers several advantages over traditional classroom-based learning. Taking an online course involves learning via the internet, typically via a learning management system (LMS) or virtual classroom platform. In the Indian state of Punjab, Jalandhar is home to the Lovely Professional University (LPU). Lovely International Trust, a non-profit organization, founded the university in 2005. LPU has grown rapidly since its inception to become one of India's largest universities, with over 35,000 students and 3,500 faculty members.
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  • Benefits of Online Learning Lovely Professional University Online

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 60 min. ago.

    The advent of technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, and education is no exception. Online learning has emerged as an effective way to pursue higher education without being confined to a traditional classroom setting. It has gained immense popularity in recent times, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

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  • What to Expect from an Online MCA Program at Lovely Professional University

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 80 min. ago.

    Every aspect of human life has been greatly influenced by technological advancements, including communication, transportation, healthcare, education, and entertainment. The development of fresh jobs and industries is one of the significant effects of evolving technology. As new technologies emerge, new job roles are created and existing job roles are transformed, resulting in an increase in the demand for qualified software developers and IT specialists.
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  • Lovely Professional University Online BCA Course Fees Eligibility and Placement Assistance

    Published by: University Guroo 150 min. ago.

    If you want to succeed in today’s digital age, as the demand for skilled professionals in the field of computer applications is at an all-time high, then you need to be well-equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to stand out. With the rise of technological-driven industries pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) has become a popular choice for many aspiring students. One institution that stands out in offering quality online education in this field is LPU Online.
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FAQ's about Lovely Professional University


Q- Are LPU's online learning initiatives UGC-approved?

LPU is authorised by the UGC to offer programmes in the online mode without the UGC's previous clearance because it was ranked twice in the NIRF ranking in the years 2020 and 2021. As a result, the UGC has granted LPU the proper authorization to offer programmes online.


Q- What placement initiatives LPU is implementing?

As part of its Placement Enhancement Program (PEP), LPU holds classes where students receive training in aptitude, logic, soft skills, and interviewing techniques from the beginning of the semester until their placements.


Q- How will I find out if any placement drive companies are available?

Through the announcements in your e-Connect, you will be informed. For updates, you must frequently check your LPU e Connect announcement section.


Q- What is the maximum age at which a person can enrol in LPU online?

Admission at LPU OL is not restricted by age.


Q - Can I simultaneously pursue two programmes?

No, LPU OL only allows you to enrol in one programme at a time.


Q - If my qualifying tests results are still pending or I have a backlog, need to retake, or need to compartment in the qualifying exam, and am I still able to get admission?

Candidates who have not yet received their qualifying exam results are still allowed to apply as long as they submit the results to the university by the deadline for provisional registration, at the time of admission, or by the deadline the university specifies.


Q- What would happen if I don't submit the outstanding paperwork by the deadlines?

If an applicant does not provide original documents for verification by the specified date(s) or fails to provide proof of meeting the university's requirements, they will not be considered eligible for admission, and the admission will be revoked regardless of the reason it was granted. In this case, the applicant will have no recourse of any kind against the university. The candidate will also be responsible for paying the fee and other charges for the remainder/entire term of the programme. Fee and other costs, including any money paid by the candidate for provisional registration, will stand forfeited.


Q- When will my study materials arrive?

Your e-Connect accounts, whose login information is given to you at the time of acceptance, give you access to your study materials online. Once you enrol in your programme, you get immediate access to eLearning materials, video lectures, presentations, etc.


Q- Can I download and save the LPU e-connect study material?
The LPU e-Connect study material can be downloaded and saved.


Q- Do I need to pay an additional price to pick up the study materials?

Study Material is completely free of cost and have been uploaded on LPU e-connect.


Q- How much weight do the final exam and on-going evaluation have?

End-of-term exams are weighted 70%; the continuous assessment is weighted 30%.


Q - What constitutes an evaluation?

Depending on the course's nature, the elements of evaluation for students using the online mode are as follows:

Continuous Evaluation (CA)

End-of-Term Exam (ETE) (for Theory Courses)

End-Term Practical/Project (ETP) (For courses based on practical work, projects, dissertations, and term papers)


Q - How long are the end-of-term exams?

Examinations typically last for three hours.


Q-What kinds of questions are asked in the final exam?

Objective and subjective questions with short and extended answers are included in the end-of-term exam.


Q- Are there any negative marks for wrong answers?

The concept of negative marking does exist at all.

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