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A renowned deemed university established in 1993, Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) offers a wide range of academic programmes. MAHE is a shining example of educational quality with a broad portfolio that includes over 300 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate programmes in 31 different disciplines.


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Online Manipal, a brilliant project supported by the well-known MEMG, symbolizes how technology is changing the world of higher education. Launched in 2021, Online Manipal has evolved into a beacon of hope, showing the path to academic success for a large number of students from various backgrounds. More than 30,000 aspirational students have benefitted from Online Manipal�s unwavering commitment to helping them reach their full potential, thanks to the dynamic forces of the digital age and the organization�s uncompromising vision.


  • Dr. Bharti Singh, Assistant Professor Ph.D.

    Dr. Bharti Singh is an experienced Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. in English and over 13 years of teaching expertise.
  • Dr. Kasinathan S, Associate Professor

    Dr. Kasinathan S is a seasoned Associate Professor holding a Ph.D., M.Phil., and MBA, with 13 years of professional experience in his field.
  • Dr. Mehak Gulati, Assistant Professor

    Dr. Mehak Gulati is an Assistant Professor with a Ph.D. and MCom degree, boasting 6 years of valuable teaching experience.
  • Dr Avnish Vijay, Associate Professor

    Dr. Avnish Vijay is an accomplished Associate Professor with a Ph.D., MBA, and M.E. degrees, boasting an impressive 23 years of professional experience.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education MAHE

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University COURSES


  • Name: Thomas Joseph

    Batch: 2001 120 min. ago

    The online MBA program at Manipal University Jaipur has exceeded my expectations, offering an engaging ecosystem and a flexible curriculum. Daily learning sessions of 45 minutes to 1 hour, along with weekend live lectures on Zoom, facilitate interaction with teachers and peers. The availability of lecture recordings and interactive quizzes enhances the learning experience, and specialized training in elective courses from the third semester onward prepares students for their careers. Overall, it is considered the top online MBA program in India.
  • Name: Gimmy Morgan

    Batch: 2006 90 min. ago

    The Manipal University is one of best MBA Institutes in India, they have been around for a long time, they have produced finest masters, Manipal University has won multiple awards, Pursuing MBA from Manipal University is a Prestige in itself, but the Education world is now changing,
  • Name: Shivam Gupta

    Batch: 2014 80 min. ago

    Manipal University, Jaipur offers a comprehensive Executive MBA programme that is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of business management principles and practices, as well as the ability to apply them to the workplace.

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  • Elevate Your Learning with Online Manipal Plus

    By: UniveristyGuroo 90 min. ago.

    We're excited to introduce you to a groundbreaking opportunity that has the potential to completely transform your learning experience. Welcome to the Online Manipal Plus universe!
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  • Introducing Online Manipal Empowering India with Online Degrees

    By: UniveristyGuroo 120 min. ago.

    Prepare to be enthralled! Consider a world in which learning takes place entirely within the boundaries of your own home. Online Manipal provides a plethora of online courses that entice investigation. This digital academic realm, like venerable institutions of learning, allows you to chart your scholarly journey at your own speed and location.
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  • Exploring Lucrative Career Opportunities with an Online MBA from Manipal

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 80 min. ago.

    If you are looking for an online MBA program, then you have come to the right place. Manipal University is a leader in online degree courses in India. It is committed to providing the best quality of education. The MBA program is offered through the well-known Online Manipal platform. This makes it accessible to both working professionals as well as recent graduates who want to upgrade their academic qualifications.
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  • Unlocking Talent Potential Strategic Hiring Partnerships with MAHE Online

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 50 min. ago.

    Welcome to the dynamic hiring partners network of Online Manipal! We're thrilled to present you with a world of employment options at your fingertips. Online Manipal, as an educational institution, has long been dedicated to providing high-quality education and skill development in an increasingly digital world. This commitment extends beyond the classroom, encompassing the facilitation of career opportunities for its students through valuable connections with organizations that prioritize talent, innovation, and adaptability.
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  • A Look at MAHE Onlines Flexible Learning Modalities

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 80 min. ago.

    One of the most sought-after learning modes among students today is online learning. In this digital age, online learning provides students with the convenience of saving money, freedom, and a better understanding of the world. One of India's best universities, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, provides students with a range of online programmes. These programmes enable students to learn according to their busy schedules. However, how does online education compare to traditional classroom education? What are the learning methods and delivery styles of these programmes?
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  • Realizing Dreams with MAHE Online Proven Placement Services

    Published by: UniveristyGuroo 120 min. ago.

    The Placement Cell at Online Manipal is committed to providing excellent career possibilities for both students and alumni enrolled in online degree programs. It actively organizes virtual job fairs that attract top organizations from various industries. These job fairs are critical platforms for students and graduates to engage with prospective employers.
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FAQ's about Manipal Academy of Higher Education MAHE


Please take this seriously and give it your best shot. The Admissions Committee's decision is final. Applicants may reapply to MCH in the subsequent academic year during a new admissions cycle if they so choose.


Applications are processed in cycles spanning several months, typically from October/November through July/August, for MCH programmes. The official website makes it quite obvious when to apply and when not to. To increase their chances, applicants are recommended to apply as soon as possible. All applications are processed by the admissions committee within a few weeks, and the applicant is informed of its decision quickly. It's advisable for you to budget for a 4-6 week waiting period.

A postgraduate programme must last at least two years. However, the program's validity is double its length, thus students will be able to finish it in four years.

Yes. Students who enrol in the online degree programmes become members of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education's alumni network and receive all benefits that come with it. They can interact with classmates and expand their professional and social network by connecting with people all over the world as alumni. They will have access to the alumni site for Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Third and fourth-semester electives are available to online MBA students. Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Operations Management, BFSI, Retail Management, IT & FinTech, Information System Management, Project Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Total Quality Management are some of the elective courses available.
Students will have access to the Learning Management System (LMS), student portal, and electronic library once their admission has been approved by the institution. The course material can then be accessed by students, allowing them to start their learning process.
Applications can be filed at by supplying the necessary information. The application process is entirely online. Through this link, candidates can also apply. Contact our admission counselor at +91-7304-000-444 if you require additional help, and they will help you with the application procedure.

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