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Overview :

An online MBA program lasts two years and teaches all the necessary management and business skills online. People who believe they need to add to their existing job path have always had the option of pursuing a Master of Business Administration. 


In recent years, the popularity of online MBA programs has skyrocketed, with many students choosing to pursue their degrees by this mode of education. Online MBA programs provide a flexible and convenient method to acquire a degree without having to give up employment or personal commitments. Let’s take a closer look at online MBA programs and the benefits they offer.


Key Benefits:

  • To begin with, online MBA programs are made to be flexible, enabling students to study at their own speed and on their own timetable. Because of this flexibility, students are able to keep working while pursuing their degrees. Online MBA programs also provide a greater selection of course alternatives, enabling students to customize their education to meet their professional objectives.
  • The curriculum of online MBA programs are frequently identical to those of their on-campus equivalents, including courses in leadership, operations management, business strategy, finance, and marketing. Online platforms are used to offer the curriculum, including pre-recorded lectures, discussion forums, and interactive virtual classrooms.
  • Working people may not be able to attend sessions on a regular campus due to their hectic schedules, but online MBA programmes are made to accommodate them. Students can learn at their own pace and on their own time with online MBA programs, which enables them to juggle their career, family, and other commitments with their education.
  • In order to assist students to connect with other professionals in their area and look for job prospects, many online MBA programmes also provide networking opportunities and career services. Online MBA program graduates are equipped for a variety of employment in industries like finance, marketing, consulting, and entrepreneurship.



Here are the most common eligibility requirements for an online MBA program: 

  • Bachelor`s degree: Typically, applicants must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. 
  • Work experience: Many online MBA programs require applicants to have work experience in a related field, such as business, management, or finance.
  • Letters of recommendation: Many online MBA programs require applicants to submit letters of recommendation from professional or academic references.
  • GMAT/GRE scores: Some online MBA programs require applicants to submit GMAT or GRE scores as part of the application process.
  • English proficiency: International students may be required to demonstrate proficiency in English by taking the TOEFL or IELTS exams.



Depending on the institution and the exact program, the length of an online MBA degree can change. An online MBA program's duration might vary depending on the institution, the curriculum, and the speed at which each student moves through it. The average length of an online MBA program is 2-3 years; however, some can be finished in as little as 1 year or as many as 5 years.


Syllabus : 

The course is broken up into four semesters. The core classes and elective subjects in the online MBA curriculum vary depending on the specializations. The first two semesters are devoted to core studies, while the third and fourth semesters require students to select electives.


Basic curriculum:

Semester I

Semester II

Principles & Practice of Management 

Production / Operation Management 

Management Economics 

Financial Management 

Organizational Behaviour 

Human Resource Management 

Business Law 

Marketing Management 

Management Accounting 

Management Information System 


Admission Procedure: 

To apply for admission to universities' online MBA programs, you must do a few standard steps:

  • Visit the university's official website (the university to which you are willing to take admission)
  • Fill out the application form to register as a new user and provide your information.
  • Include the application form, registration fees, and relevant documentation in your submission.
  • The next step is to pay your fees using one of the payment methods listed on the website, which in most cases offers net banking, UPI payment, or demand draft options.
  • You will eventually receive a confirmation email with your student enrolment number or student number.


Educational Fees: 

There might be a wide range of academic costs for an online MBA degree, depending on the institution and the particular program. Tuition, fees, and any additional costs like textbooks, course materials, and technology fees are normally included in the price of an online MBA program. Also, some programs can ask participants to travel or attend in-person residencies, which could raise the overall price of the program. The academic cost of the online MBA is between INR 30,000 to INR 3, 00,000. The educational fees of the course vary depending on the university; for example, if you pursue your online MBA degree from a government university, the cost will be between INR 30,000 and INR 80,000, while if you choose a private management institute, the cost will be between INR 2,00,000 and INR 3,00,000 for the entire course. You can check the costs of the majority of the universities that are offering your degree at University Guroo. You must first complete your basic information and course requirements before you can compare the online MBA programs offered by a huge number of universities.


Online MBA Specializations: 



Job Opportunities: 


With the usage of online platforms and expanding trends in online learning, the number of online MBA career options is growing. Global awareness and acceptance of the online MBA career path are growing. Depending on the student's interests and prior experience, online MBA programs can provide a wide range of employment options. The sole difference between an online MBA and a standard MBA is that online MBA students don't need to travel to a study center or a campus of a university. Those who are already employed and wish to advance their careers often turn to an online MBA.


A Postgraduate management degree like an online MBA has a tonne of job potential. After graduating, you might be able to start working at entry-level positions, but more education enables students to advance quickly to mid- and top-level management positions. The MBA programme is crucial in this aspect since it equips students with the necessary knowledge of business management and administration, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of management, control company algorithms, and advance their management careers. The UGC has approved online MBA programs in India, giving working individuals the opportunity to advance their careers without having to leave their current positions. The goal of an online MBA program is to help students gain the abilities and expertise needed for successful career alternatives in the business world of today.


These online MBA career options can be attained by specializing in finance, marketing management, operations management, or accounting management, among other common specializations. –



Leading Recruiters For Online MBA Graduates: 


Online MBA programs are rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. Today, many prestigious companies welcome employees with online MBA degrees from throughout the world. 


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