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Realizing Dreams with MAHE Online Proven Placement Services

  • 2024-01-10 07:22:15

The Placement Cell at Online Manipal is committed to providing excellent career possibilities for both students and alumni enrolled in online degree programs. It actively organizes virtual job fairs that attract top organizations from various industries. These job fairs are critical platforms for students and graduates to engage with prospective employers.

  • Top firms from a variety of industries are invited to participate in virtual job fairs held by Online Manipal. These job fairs give students and graduates the chance to network with possible companies and look into employment possibilities across several industries.


  • Initial Employment Skill Assessments are carried out by the placement cell to assess the abilities and credentials of students and graduates. People can better understand their strengths and shortcomings in connection to their career aspirations with the use of this examination.


  • The placement cell provides skill enhancement training after identifying areas that need development. With the help of these training initiatives, students and graduates will be given the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their chosen professions.


Placement drives are an important part of the online learning experience, providing several benefits to students. They play an important role in bridging the knowledge gap between academia and real-world applications.


Here are the main points Stating the importance of placement drives: -


  • Online Learning Setting: Due to the accessibility of a wide range of courses to students regardless of their location or demographics, online education has revolutionized learning. Although it offers theoretical information, it could be challenging to use such knowledge in the real world.


  • The Importance of Placement Drives: To successfully navigate the job market, online learners need placement drives. To encourage information sharing, skill validation, and professional development, they bring together educators, students, and business people. These reasons highlight the importance of both practical application and theoretical understanding.


  • Stages of the Placement Drive: A successful placement campaign includes pre-placement training sessions, practice interviews, technical evaluations, and industry partnerships. These levels guarantee adherence to industry trends and standards while also preparing students for problems in the real world.


Placement Assistant Services provided by Online Manipal -


  1. Interview Tips: Through our career services division, you can find resources and guidance to help you prepare for interviews. From publications to webinars and workshops, we provide best practices and techniques for interview preparation.


  1. Employability Assessment: We offer employability assessment services and career counseling to help you identify your strengths and areas of improvement in terms of your employability skills.


  1. Mock Interview Sessions: To help you hone your interviewing skills, we organize mock interview sessions and provide you with access to platforms that simulate interviews.


  1. Skill development sessions: With Online Manipal, you can choose from a wide range of training courses or programs that allow you to develop both technical skills and soft skills.


Benefits for Online Learners

Placement drives provide various advantages to online learners-

  • Exposure to Industry Expectations: Learners have personal exposure with industry expectations, allowing them to better align their abilities with current market demands.


  • Networking and Professional Connections: Learners interact with industry experts, mentors, and peers, fostering networking opportunities, collaborative endeavors, internships, and job placements.


  • Transition to Employment: Securing placements in esteemed organizations validates the effectiveness of placement drives and marks the start of learners' professional journeys.


Techniques for Maximising Placement Drive Success: -


  • Techniques for enhancing placement drive success include: - Continuous skill improvement. Accepting the need for continual skill development is essential to maximising performance in the field of placement drives. The journey does not end when a degree or course is earned; rather, it continues as students actively pursue more coursework, credentials, and immersive projects.


  • Utilise lots of Resources: A variety of resources are available in the online education environment to help students be ready for placement drives. Students should passionately embrace interview etiquette, resume-building strategies, and simulated interviews. These tools serve as a foundation for students to set themselves up for success.


  • Excellent soft skill development: Placement drives are instances where the importance of soft skills beyond technical competency is highlighted. Effective communication, adaptability, teamwork, and the capacity to solve problems creatively are traits that prospective employers value highly. Students who want to increase their employability should work hard to cultivate these traits.


By acting as a bridge, placement drives translate the theoretical concepts into real-world implementations. Online learners have the opportunity to advance their careers, confirm their degrees, and experience the working world thanks to these job placement efforts. By taking advantage of the opportunities, students can leverage the power of placement drives to forge their own success tales in the dynamic world of online learning and market demands. 




Please take this seriously and give it your best shot. The Admissions Committee's decision is final. Applicants may reapply to MCH in the subsequent academic year during a new admissions cycle if they so choose.


Applications are processed in cycles spanning several months, typically from October/November through July/August, for MCH programmes. The official website makes it quite obvious when to apply and when not to. To increase their chances, applicants are recommended to apply as soon as possible. All applications are processed by the admissions committee within a few weeks, and the applicant is informed of its decision quickly. It's advisable for you to budget for a 4-6 week waiting period.

A postgraduate programme must last at least two years. However, the program's validity is double its length, thus students will be able to finish it in four years.

Yes. Students who enrol in the online degree programmes become members of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education's alumni network and receive all benefits that come with it. They can interact with classmates and expand their professional and social network by connecting with people all over the world as alumni. They will have access to the alumni site for Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Third and fourth-semester electives are available to online MBA students. Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Operations Management, BFSI, Retail Management, IT & FinTech, Information System Management, Project Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Total Quality Management are some of the elective courses available.
Students will have access to the Learning Management System (LMS), student portal, and electronic library once their admission has been approved by the institution. The course material can then be accessed by students, allowing them to start their learning process.
Applications can be filed at by supplying the necessary information. The application process is entirely online. Through this link, candidates can also apply. Contact our admission counselor at +91-7304-000-444 if you require additional help, and they will help you with the application procedure.

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