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BBA Online Learning with Hindustan UniversityCODE

  • 2024-02-23 01:31:21

The unique online platform allows students to complete their coursework at their own pace, while still receiving the same level of education and instruction as traditional on-campus students. In addition, the program incorporates real-world scenarios and assignments, allowing students to apply learned concepts to practical situations. With a focus on industry-relevant skills and knowledge, graduates of the BBA program at Hindustan University - CODE are well-equipped to succeed in their chosen fields. 

The BBA program offered by Hindustan Online Center for Open and Digital Education is tailored to meet the needs of individuals seeking to build skills and knowledge in the field of business administration. With an innovative approach to learning that combines theoretical concepts with practical application, CODE's BBA program ensures that students are well-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. Moreover, students in this program have access to a wealth of resources, including experienced faculty members, state-of-the-art technology, and a supportive online community. Offering a specialization in logistics and supply chain management, the course assists one in developing a robust foundation in core disciplines including marketing, economics, and finance. Additionally, upon completion, the graduate may be employed by various public and private organizations, encompassing shipping companies, ports and harbors, road transportation firms, and logistics companies. Potential roles may include logistic managers, supply chain planning executives, inventory control executives, warehouse executives, and others. Hindustan University-CODE has partnered with multiple renowned companies like Berger Paints, Indiamart, Accenture, Verzeo, Byju’s, CyRAACS, IndusInd Bank, etc. to provide the best professional prospects for its students.

Key Highlights of the course:

  • Helps to establish a sturdy foundation on the principles and practices of supply chain and logistics strategy. 
  • Concentrates on global supply chains and aids pupils in comprehending current trends in logistics. 
  • Enables students to acquire adeptness in emerging technologies in logistics and supply chain management. 
  • Provides students with the ability to gain business acumen through a combination of management courses and logistics and supply chain management. 
  • Helps students to assimilate the inner workings of a business and acquire skills and knowledge in logistics management.

Approvals & Recognition: 

The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) of India have both approved the BBA program at Hindustan University - CODE.


Candidates who have completed their Class 12th/PUC/HSC from any discipline qualify for BBA programs. The candidate is required to meet all the specified admission standards of the Institute/AICTE/UGC.

Importance of logistics and supply chain management in the modern business environment:

As organizations seek new ways to streamline their operations, logistics and supply chain management have gained increasing prominence in recent years. With a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to manage the flow of goods and services from production to consumption while maximizing cost efficiencies. This sought-after degree combines business strategy, technology, and data analytics to ensure that companies maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving global marketplace. A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the flow of goods and services. Students also learn how to optimize the storage and transportation of goods, as well as incorporate efficient communication strategies to ensure successful supply chain management. With a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, graduates are well-prepared for careers in purchasing management, inventory control, logistics analysis, and more.

Benefits of pursuing BBA online learning with Hindustan University - CODE:

Flexibility: Students have the freedom to learn online at their speed and on their own time. Students who work or have other obligations will particularly benefit from this.

Cost-effectiveness: Earning a BBA online is typically less expensive than doing so in a traditional classroom.

Access to resources: Online tutorials, e-books, and videos are just a few of the resources available to students that can help them study.

Faculty with experience: The professors at Hindustan University-CODE are seasoned experts with a lot of expertise in their specialized domains.

Career Opportunities:

BBA Logistics Management graduates are employed by a variety of public and private organizations, including shipping companies, ports, and harbors, companies that provide air, rail, and road transportation, and logistic companies, where they can work as logistic managers, supply chain planners, inventory controllers, and warehouse managers, among other positions.

Newly minted BBA Logistics Management graduates often earn between INR 3 LPA and INR 10 LPA in terms of compensation. FedEx Express, TSCS India Pvt Ltd, Transport Corporation Of India Ltd, Sical Logistics Ltd, and First Flight Couriers Ltd are a few employers looking for BBA Logistics Management graduates.

Overall, enrolling in the BBA program at Hindustan University - CODE is a great choice for those who want to study business administration and value the flexibility of online learning.



Q - Is Hindustan University recognized by the UGC?

Yes, CODE and Hindustan University have received UGC-DEB approval.


Q - Is Hindustan University a private or public institution?

The Hindustan Group of Institutions is a privately held company.


Q - Is the postgraduate degree from Hindustan Online - CODE recognized?

Yes, all major corporations in India and abroad will recognize and accept a postgraduate degree from HITS. According to UGC and AICTE, HITS is a globally recognized institution. HITS is accredited by the NAAC, NBA, NIRF, etc.


Q - Is there an entrance for CODE?

No, entrance to the courses is mostly determined on the student's HSC or graduation-level performance.

Q- How does a student can pay for online courses from Hindustan?

The application fee and tuition payments can both be submitted online.

Q- How can I submit an application to Hindustan Online University?

By first enrolling on the official website (, one can submit an application for admission to CODE.

Q- How will I find out whether my admission has been confirmed?

Student’s registered phone number or email will be used to contact you by our admission office regarding your admission status.


Q - What programmes are available through Hindustan Online - CODE?

Numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees are available through Hindustan Online - CODE. These consist of

BBA, BCA, B. Com, MBA, MCA, or MA

Q - What learning method does Hindustan Online - CODE use?

Students at Hindustan Online - CODE learn using a mixed method that combines videotaped lectures, online readings, and faculty and group discussions.

Q - Does the University offer study materials for all of the programmes?

Yes. For all programmes, CODE will supply study guides. Depending on the course they have chosen, students will receive paper or online course materials, i.e. Open Distance Learning (ODL) or Online Learning (ODL).


Q - How are the exams administered at CODE?

The term-ending exams are entirely administered online by the institution. The proctored exams can be taken by students from any location that is convenient for them.


Hindustan CODE has an active student support system with the following features:

Live Interactive Lecture Sessions with Faculty: The University’s faculty is available to provide direct assistance and explanation to students through live interactive lectures.

Webinars with Experienced Professionals: Another method to ensure that students can engage with business leaders and improve their professional skills while pursuing their educational degrees is the regular holding of professional webinars.

Peer Interactions: Students have the opportunity to interact with one another in group sessions led by teachers or subject-matter experts. Since the course is primarily performed online, this aids them in developing relationships with their classmates while enabling them to learn through a variety of viewpoints and conversation.

Support for Placement: The institution also gives students training in professional skills through assistance from professionals and partnerships with other professional businesses that give students access to a range of possibilities for career exploration.

Student Grievance Redressal by University: Hindustan-CODE has a carefully crafted grievance procedure that operates impartially and without bias. The rights and obligations of the student, the teacher, and the university towards its pupils are all well-documented.

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