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Shiv Nadar University tops the private sector according to Careers 360 ranking of young universities for 2023

  • 2024-01-16 07:59:27

The Shiv Nadar University in India has been ranked as one of the best young private universities in the world by Career 360 in its 2023 rankings. It also holds the top spot among the best multidisciplinary young universities in the private sector.   Shiv Nadar ranks seventh in STEM, behind IITs (India Institutes of Technology) and ICTs (Institute of Chemical Technology).


Shiv Nadar Institution of Eminence ( IoE ) is rapidly establishing itself as a top-tier , multidisciplinary research institution , as demonstrated by this ranking . Since its establishment in 2011, Shiv Nadar IoE has been successful in fostering an environment where students can excel. This achievement can be attributed to the institution's state-of-the-art resources, innovative methods, and friendly environment. Every year that has passed, the university's reputation has improved.


Shiv Nadar IoE adopts a student-centered orientation, forgoing conventional disciplinary distinctions and actively taking part in collaborations that span disciplines and encourage creativity. The faculty plays a significant role in the university's success. They support interdisciplinary partnerships to address difficult global problems and offer ground-breaking solutions.


Shiv Nadar IoE graduates can be found making a big difference in their respective fields all around the world. As the university continues to develop and grow, this recognition offers the school the chance to widen its doors and welcome people who dare to dream and set out on a path to greatness.


Based on a methodology that took into account 827 degree-granting institutions founded from 2008 onward, the Young Universities Ranking by Careers 360 was created. 500 institutions were chosen for the rankings out of these. The top 100 institutions, 60 of which were state universities, and 40 of which were private universities, were chosen after data analysis and verification. The remaining institutions were grouped and graded in accordance with their respective fields. Engineering, law, management, medicine, multidisciplinary institutions, pharmacy, specialty, and science are among the nine domains that are taken into account while determining rankings. The institutions that offer courses in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are referred to as STEM institutes.


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