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NMIMS Hosted A Captivating Edition Of The Esteemed College Festival Tvaran

  • 2023-12-28 02:56:27

This year's central theme revolved around "Memoirs of a Lost Pirate," which portrayed a compelling narrative involving a clandestine society, the Pirates of Tvaran. The tale followed their quest to seize plunder and uncover invaluable ancestral treasures. The pirates' journey led them from the Eastern regions of Japan to the European continent, encountering formidable obstacles such as treacherous mountain ranges, skilled samurai warriors, terrifying demonic entities, enigmatic hieroglyphics to decipher, and rare fauna to evade.

Tvaran 2023 epitomized a celebration of cultural heterogeneity, drawing over 3,000 participants from esteemed institutions such as DY Patil University and Amity University, among others. The Cultural Committee meticulously curated an array of exhilarating events encompassing music, dance, drama, and sports. The festival also hosted dating events and had delicious food stalls, game stalls, small businesses, and an impressive line-up of artists and entertainers throughout the duration of the fest.

Dr Ruchita Verma, Dean, of NMIMS School of Hospitality Management, said, "As the committee head of Tvaran, I am excited to have a diverse range of talents and skills from across the country.

She added, “With my solid academic background in hospitality and design, along with 30 years of experience working in the field, I have seen the importance of creativity, innovation, and collaboration in achieving success. Tvaran is an opportunity to bring these values to the forefront, showcasing the best of Indian culture, art, and design. As a researcher, I understand the importance of academic excellence and I am committed to ensuring that Tvaran is not only an exciting event but also a platform for learning and growth It is a platform for students to apply what they learn in classrooms in real-life scenarios. I believe that with the right vision, leadership, and teamwork, Tvaran, has the potential to inspire and empower the next generation of Indian artists and designers.”

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