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IIM Visakhapatnam in Partnership with Accredian Unveils The Executive Program In Business Management

  • 2024-05-06 02:32:47

The Indian Institute of Management Visakhapatnam, in partnership with Accredian, has unveiled an advanced Executive Program in Business Management. Tailored for individuals keen on advancing to management and leadership positions, this one-year online education initiative is structured to accommodate professionals' schedules by leveraging weekend sessions led by IIM Visakhapatnam's esteemed faculty.


Program Director Dr. Sushil Kumar stresses the encompassing educational approach of this program aimed at endowing enrollees with comprehensive knowledge of organizational management, deeply rooted in leadership and strategic analysis. "The Executive Program in Business Management is methodically designed to evolve enrollees into well-rounded business leaders, with particular emphasis on leadership and strategic insight," stated Dr. Sushil Kumar from IIM Visakhapatnam.


Apart from encompassing established management disciplines such as Human Resources, Marketing, and Finance, the curriculum notably integrates subjects pivotal to the future of business like Analytics, Digital Transformation, and Artificial Intelligence.


Manvender Singh, CEO of Accredian, acknowledged the modern marketplace's need for multifaceted frontrunners. "The Executive Program in Business Management equips learners with aptitudes necessary to steer through both time-honored and novel business quandaries," he commented.


A hallmark of this Executive Program is its experiential learning component. The curriculum involves practical simulations in Management & Leadership that mirror tangible business situations, thus preparing participants for heightened duty. Another element that sets it apart from traditional offerings is its Campus Immersion Experience – a 3-day stint at the IIM-V campus which provides students with tangible experience of the institute's atmosphere and resources while also fostering professional networking.


Upon program conclusion, graduates are awarded a certificate from IIM Visakhapatnam and gain Executive Alumni status that affiliates them for life with one of India's most venerated educational establishments. The program anticipates inaugurating its first cohort in April 2024 and invites applications from professionals with at least one year of work experience subsequent to their academic qualifications.


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