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IIM Raipur hosts Shaktirath 2024 Recognizing and Celebrating the expedition of women in business endeavors

  • 2024-05-14 01:07:49

Every year, IIM Raipur hosts a unique event named Shaktirath to celebrate female leadership and the journey of women in business. The event spotlights the crucial role women leaders play in challenging gender stereotypes present across various industries.


The Indian Institute of Management Raipur recently hosted Shaktirath 2024, an event dedicated to elevating, celebrating, and uplifting women across diverse industries. The event started with the lighting of the symbolic lamp and then insightful discussions regarding the role of women in gender equality, and leadership took over the stage. IIM Raipur's Placement Chairperson, Prof. Rashmi Shukla, commenced by discussing the need for gender inclusivity in leadership roles. IIM Raipur's director, Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani highlighted about the societal challenges affecting moral standards. 


Chief Guest Ms. Anjani Madhavi spoke about the economic benefits of gender equality. She said, "Women who became Shakti Ammas sold and earned money, proving they are rarely loan defaulters." She then discussed in-depth the issues of bias, resilience, and the vital role of women in sculpting the future. The inaugural panel featured enriching insights from Ms. Krithika Sivanesan, DVP, Human Resources at Mercedes-Benz Financial India, Ms. Aditi Hingu, Founder and CEO of Autumn Consulting Services, and a few others.


As per the press release, Ms. Aditi Hingu said, "Life will present you with challenges, but resilience can only help you find a way. When you reach your 60s, you will then be able to connect the dots and be happy." The enriching discussions emphasized the need for diverse leadership styles and increased representation of women across industries.


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