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IIM Raipur Celebrates 13th Annual Convocation Ceremony

  • 2024-05-14 03:10:22

IIM Raipur recently celebrated its 13th annual convocation ceremony. The event was held at the institute's campus in Naya Raipur on April 10, 2024. In the event, 22 student exchange graduates, 298 Post Graduate Program graduates, 184 E-PGP graduates, and 11 Fellow and Executive Fellow Program in Management graduates were conferred convocation degrees and medals. A total of 639 degrees were awarded during the ceremony. Eminent guests and speakers participated in the occasion and increased the grace of the function. 


 In the convocation ceremony, gold medals were conferred to the grads for their academic performance. Among the Post Graduate Programme students, Mahalakshmi Shanmugam received the BOG Chairperson’s Gold Medal, Revant Madhur Agrawal received the PGP Chairperson’s Medal, Tanvi Bagora received the Director’s Gold Medal, and Arjun Vansil received a medal for best performance.


To start with the event, the Institute conducted a gratitude ceremony for parents and teachers: ‘Matr, Pitr, and Guru Pujan’. Here, students showed gratitude towards their parents and teachers. Chief Guest Shri G V Prasad motivated the students to be upcoming leaders of India and step into the world to embrace innovation, resilience, and continuous learning. He said, “Management education prepares you in 3 work aspects: developing a broad and global perspective, critical thinking skills, and analytical skills, and prepares you to face life boldly. This is a key to discovering and shaping your purpose".


Shri Puneet Dalmia, Chairperson of the Board of Governors delivered a cordial Welcome Address and Prof. Ram Kumar Kakani, Director of IIM Raipur, highlighted the Institute’s achievements and milestones from the beginning till date. He further added “Let the Indian values illuminate your learning path, guiding you through the highs and lows as you tackle challenges on your journey towards success. As you leave IIM Raipur and dive into the outside world, you have with you not just a degree but a legacy of excellence. The knowledge and experiences you have received here is a tool for the good of society". He also spoke about his journey at Dr. Reddy’s where he had faced tough times and had to lead the company through it. With this experience, he advised the grads not to give up in times of difficulty, as they might be the ones shaping the purpose. In addition, Prof. Kakani shared IIM Raipur’s past year achievements, reflecting on its 14 years of commencement. He stressed Returns on Investments in Higher Education Institutes.


The event's success is the combined efforts of the faculty and staff members. The Institute expresses sincere gratitude to the sponsors whose support helped them fulfill the mission of providing exceptional quality education to students and empowering them to achieve their aspirations.


In a short span of 14 years, IIM Raipur has garnered a distinguished reputation in the academic realm. Through academic excellence, groundbreaking research, management education, and robust industry and global partnerships, IIM Raipur continues to make substantial progress.


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