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ICS 2023 Conference organized by NMIMS

  • 2024-04-20 05:41:25

This distinguished three-day event facilitated thought-provoking dialogues concerning recent advancements within the realm of statistical studies. Esteemed individuals present at the conference included Dr. Sharad Mhaiskar, Pro Vice-Chancellor; Dr. Meena Chintamaneni, Pro Vice-Chancellor; Dr. Sushil Kulkarni, Dean of NSOMASA; Prof. Sunil Shirvaiker, Programme Director (Statistics) at NSOMASA; Dr. KS Madhava Rao, Professor at NSOMASA; Dr. Pradnya Khandeparkar, Associate Professor at NSOMASA; Dr. Leena Kulkarni, Assistant Professor at NSOMASA; and the eminent Prof. Dr. DS Prakasa Rao, all seated upon the dais.

The symposium assembled esteemed statisticians, investigators, and specialists from across the globe to disseminate their research discoveries and engage in conversations regarding the most recent advancements and obstacles in the realm of statistics. Distinguished individuals within the discipline, such as Dr. Somnath Datta, Avik Sarkar, Dr. Girish Aras, Dr. Rajesh Nandy, Dr. Thomas Mathew, Prof. David D Hanagal, Dr. S Chandrasekhar, Dr. Ashish Sengupta, Prof. Dr. Stefano Bonnini, Sandeep Verma, among others, presented keynote addresses and participated in plenary discussions.

The conference encompassed an extensive variety of subjects, such as big data, inferential statistical learning, marginal models, drug development, explainable AI, and numerous others. Esteemed speakers divulged their expert insights and research outcomes, subsequently inciting thought-provoking dialogues and deliberations amongst the attendees.

Conference highlights

  • Inaugural, Plenary, Keynote, and Invited Speakers
  • Regional & International Guest Speakers
  • 200+ Regional & International participants
  • Contributed sessions
  • 3 Days of knowledge sharing, academic bonding, networking, and insightful discussions
  • Parallel Sessions based on theme domains
  • Graduate student poster presentations
  • Sight Seeing & Cultural Show
  • Conference Proceedings (tentative)
  • Conference dinner on Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

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