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Amity Showcases Its Path Breaking Agricultural Innovations At SUFex 2023

  • 2024-04-20 05:40:26

This exposition stands as the sole specialized trade event in India for the industry, providing an unparalleled platform for organizations to exhibit their cutting-edge products and services within the urban farming sector.

At the prestigious SUFex 2023 event, Dr. Nutan Kaushik, the esteemed Director General of Amity Food and Agriculture Foundation, presided over a symposium entitled "Urban and Peri-Urban Farming: Present Situation and Future Prospects". The primary objectives of this scholarly gathering were to explore advanced urban and peri-urban agricultural methodologies, delve into agri-startups focusing on hydroponics and aeroponics, and discuss the potential of "controlled environment agriculture" in fostering entrepreneurship and stimulating innovation.

Dr. Kaushik, said,The growing urban population will have an impact on urban poverty and food insecurity. To reduce this adverse effect, there is a need to ensure adequate food supply and distribution systems, and therefore, urban and peri-urban agri-horticulture has emerged as a substantial contributor to the urban fresh food supply chain. Urban and peri-urban agri- horticulture complements rural agriculture and improves the national food system’s efficiency. Academicians, policymakers, and practitioners alike have focused on urban agriculture as a potential solution to meet the food needs of rising city populations while mitigating some of urbanization’s negative environmental and economic repercussions. Urban Farming provides a platform that caters to the new generation of urban farmers who cultivate their crops on balconies or rooftops. So far, the technology has remained dependent heavily on imported components, and it is now the right time to build our own models under the “Make in India” initiative, catering to the needs of various categories of people including a cost-effective model for marginal farmers.”

Highlighting the importance of urban farming and agriculture, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder and President of Amity Education Group, articulated, “India is an agriculture-based country, where a huge population depends upon agriculture for their source of income. Urban farming is the fastest-growing sector of the agricultural business which caters to special needs that are not met by conventional farming techniques. This is the first time that Amity is participating in an Agricultural Expo and Amity encourages its students to pursue a career in agriculture and food technology, which can enhance agricultural productivity by applying innovative technologies, thereby contributing to nation-building.”

Furthermore, Amity showcased its cutting-edge technologies and products at SUFex 2023, which include the Zero Energy Cool Chamber (ZECC), the Cool Bot, an innovative low-cost solution for postharvest management cold storage utilizing basic air conditioning systems, Agrivoltaic technology that enhances solar panel efficiency by decreasing temperature through crop water transpiration, as well as Rootonics, a miraculous fungus that fosters agriculture, horticulture, and productivity. 

At the Amity University exhibition, M.Sc. scholars showcased unique fruit and millet-based fusion food products, including Lotus Stem Jam, Singju, Banana-Ragi cake, and Roselle Muffins. These innovative creations have health benefits due to their bioactive constituents and lack of added preservatives. Dr. E. Muthuraman, Chairman of the MSME Promotion Council, praised the students' efforts and expressed interest in urban agriculture. A considerable number of pupils expressed interest in the scholastic programs and courses provided by Amity, specifically related to Food Technology and Agriculture, throughout the exposition. At the concluding event, accolades were conferred upon victors in various divisions by Dr. Nutan Kaushik, Director General of Amity Food and Agriculture Foundation, and Dr. A.K. Singh, Deputy Director General of Horticulture at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

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