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AKTU Launches 100 College Incubation and Startup Hubs

  • 2024-03-22 06:56:36

“The state's technical education department has provisionally agreed to establish startup incubation centers at 100 private academic institutions associated with AKTU during the initial phase. The government will offer financial backing analogous to its support for government colleges”, articulated JP Pandey, the Vice-Chancellor of AKTU.


Presently, the university has fostered the growth of over 330 startups; among these, 120 have reached the commercialization stage, and patents cover 80 inventions. The Vice-Chancellor anticipates that these numbers will rise with the support of the state government as their reach extends into private educational facilities.


According to Prof Pandey, AKTU has focused on crafting a conducive environment for startups within governmental colleges over the past year or so, aiming to encourage startup ventures across various domains. He added that students' perceptions of entrepreneurship are shifting. Echoing this sentiment, Pro Vice-Chancellor Manish Gaur stated, "As mentors, our duty rests in stimulating our pupils towards innovative entrepreneurial conceptions; our commitment remains steadfast to nurture their prospective ventures".


University officials have observed that students derive significant benefits from engaging with these startup initiatives. They emphasized that startups are essentially about devising innovative solutions to prevalent problems. The real test is in evolving a startup idea into a substantial enterprise. They urged young individuals to shift from job-seeking mindsets to one focused on identifying problems and creating viable solutions.


Officials also highlighted the new opportunities engendered by the National Education Policy of 2020, which offers increased curricular flexibility. This policy permits students to pause their studies should they wish to embark on entrepreneurial endeavors or other ventures. Encouraging invention and risk-taking over conventional employment routes were sentiments strongly encouraged by AKTU representatives urging students to pursue novel paths.


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