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Dipya Pramanik

Career Coach

2 Years

About Me

Dipya Pramanik is an experienced career coach devoted to helping students navigate their educational paths. With a robust foundation in counselling and profound knowledge of academic and professional progression, she provides personalised guides to help students choose their education pathways.

Professional Experience: Career Coach since 2 years. Carries out individual coaching sessions to tease the students’ interests, talents and goals. Supports students in developing personalised career plans and realistic goals. Provides guidance on course selection, college applications and career path. In collaboration with teachers, parents and administration the speaker establishes an environment of fellowship in learning.

Skills: Superior interpersonal and communication skills, capable of establishing rapport and trust with teachers, parents. Comprehensive knowledge about counselling concepts, academic planning strategies and career development tools. Proficient at administering and analyzing tests to help students figure out their strengths, interests, and goals. Awareness of different sources of financial aid, scholarship opportunities and other procedures involved in college admissions. A sympathetic listener who can provide guidance and support to students facing either academic or personal challenges.

Proficiency in professional development and dedication to student success make Dipya Pramanik an indispensable source for helping students achieve their goals. Her ability to provide one-on-one support, create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as empower pupils with the necessary skills for good decision making contributes to their future success overall health status.


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