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Masum Manna

Career Coach

2 Years

About Me

Masum Manna, a career coach with 2 years of experience in online learning for higher education.


Professional Experience: Career Coach for 2 years. Holds one-on-one sessions to ascertain the students’ interests, abilities and ambitions. It allows learners to develop personal career pathways and set realistic goals. Suggests course selections, school applications, and ways to navigate careers. In partnership with teachers, parents and the administrative body of a learning institution; creates an environment that is welcoming to all learners.

Skills: Outstanding social and communication skills, can develop relationships and trust with teachers parents as well adults in general. A deep understanding of career development concepts, academic planning methods and job searching documents. Having a fair skill level in test administration and interpretation tests to help students identify their strengths, interests, and goals. Financial aid alternatives, scholarship opportunities as well as job application know-how. Empathic listener able to advise and help students who are struggling with career or personal concerns.

The contribution of Masum Manna to student achievement and his skills in professional development services provide a valuable resource for students to help them achieve their goals. His ability to provide student-centred guidance, promote an attractive and non-discriminatory ambience, as well as equip students with tools for making informed decisions promotes their long-term success both on a personal level.


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