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Safura Shaikh

Career Coach

2 Years Years

About Me

Profile Summary:

Safura Shaikh is a committed and caring educational counsellor who is passionate about assisting students in realising their full potential. She gives students customised help and support so they may decide on their academic and career routes because of her wealth of counselling expertise and in-depth knowledge of the educational system.


Professional Experience:

  • Educational Counsellor since 2 years.
  • Evaluates students' academic skills, interests, and aspirations during one-on-one counseling sessions.
  • Aids pupils in creating individualised educational programmes and establishing reasonable goals.
  • Gives advice on choosing classes, getting into colleges, and pursuing a profession.
  • Helps to establish a welcoming and inclusive learning environment by working with administration, parents, and teachers.


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, building connections with students and fostering a supportive environment.
  • Extensive familiarity with counselling ideas, academic planning techniques, and career development tools.
  • Able to administer and interpret evaluations effectively to determine pupils' aptitudes, interests, and abilities.
  • Knowledge of financial assistance possibilities, scholarship chances, and the college application process.
  • Helping students who are struggling by listening empathically and offering support.


Safura Shaikh is a valuable asset in any school setting due to her commitment to student success and her skills in career development and counselling. A supportive and inspiring learning environment is facilitated by her capacity to motivate and support students as they pursue their scholastic goals while encouraging personal development and resilience.


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