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Rupa Palav

Career Coach

2 Years

About Me

Profile Summary:

Rupa Palav  is a devoted and knowledgeable educational counselor who is committed to assisting students in successfully navigating their academic journeys. She offers individualized assistance and support to empower students to make knowledgeable decisions about their educational and career routes because of her strong experience in counselling and her in-depth knowledge of academic and career development.


Professional Experience:

  • Educational Counsellor since 2 years.
  • Conducts one-on-one counselling sessions to determine the interests, skills, and objectives of the pupils.
  • Helps students create academic plans that are customised to their needs and goals.
  • Gives advice on choosing courses, planning, and possibilities for academic development.
  • Collaborates with educators and parents to meet the intellectual and emotional needs of students.


  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities that help to build relationships of trust with co-workers, parents, and pupils.
  • Knowledge of academic planning techniques, career development models, and counselling theories in-depth.
  • Able to administer and interpret interest and career inventories with ease.
  • Knowledge of financial aid options, scholarship opportunities, and college admissions procedures.
  • A sympathetic listener with the capacity to foster a welcoming environment.


In addition to her skills in counselling and career development, Rupa Palav's passion for motivating students to achieve their educational and professional goals makes her an excellent resource in assisting students with their educational journey. A good and effective learning environment is facilitated by her capacity to offer individualised help and her commitment to fostering student achievement.


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