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Sejal Maroo

Senior Career Coach

5 Years

About Me

Profile Summary:

Sejal Maroo is a committed educational counsellor with years of expertise who has a passion for guiding students through their academic journeys. With a solid background in counselling and a thorough understanding of academic and professional development, she offers individualised assistance and support to enable students to make decisions about their education and future.


Professional Experience:

  • Educational Counsellor since 5 years.
  • Conducts individual counselling sessions to determine the interests, talents, and objectives of each student.
  • Helps students create individualised academic programmes and set attainable goals.
  • Offers advice on choosing courses, applying to colleges, and pursuing careers.
  • Creates a friendly and inclusive learning environment in cooperation with teachers, parents, and administration.


  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication abilities, able to build relationship and trust with teachers, parents, and other adults.
  • Thorough understanding of counselling ideas, academic planning techniques, and career development tools.
  • Adept at conducting and interpreting tests to aid pupils in determining their abilities, interests, and objectives.
  • Knowledge of financial assistance alternatives, scholarship possibilities, and college admissions procedures.
  • Empathetic listener with the capacity to offer advice and assistance to pupils dealing with academic or personal difficulties.


Sejal Maroo's commitment to student achievement and skills in professional development make her an invaluable resource for assisting students in reaching their objectives. Her capacity to deliver individualised support, promote a pleasant and inclusive environment, and give students the tools they need to make wise decisions helps to ensure their long-term success and general wellbeing.




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