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Why Vivekananda Global University is Your Ultimate Destination for an MBA

  • 2024-04-12 08:33:09

If you’re considering to pursue a Master Of Business Administration (MBA), to push your career to new heights look no further than Vivekananda Global University (VGU), an institution that stands as the ultimate destination for your MBA aspirations. 

It is a blend of academic excellence, innovative teaching methods, industry connections and a commitment to holistic growth. VGU offers a transformative MBA experience that sets you on the path for success. 

This blog will serve you as an ultimate guide to. Guide to your online MVA from Vivekananda Global University.

About the university.

Vivekananda Global University (VGU) is a premier education institution located in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Established in 2012, VGU stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of higher education. With the vision to nurture innovative thinkers, visionary leaders and socially responsible individuals, VGU has consistently upheld its commitment to providing holistic and transformative learning experiences.

Accreditations and Approvals

Vivekananda Global University holds several accreditations and approvals such as:


Course Overview

Vivekananda Global University offers a two-year Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. This course will provide prospective managers and leaders with a variety of leadership, analytical and strategic skills that will help them develop into excellent corporate business leaders. This course covers topics like digital marketing, finance, human resources, marketing, supply chain management, banking, logistics and insurance. This course will also teach students how to apply, modify and utilize their skills in various situations.

Duration, eligibility, and fees:

Duration of the course.

2 Years (4 Semesters)


The candidate should have graduated from any recognized university with a minimum of 40%.



Specializations offered:


MBA In Human Resources. 

MBA In Marketing. 

MBA In Finance. 

MBA In Healthcare. 

MBA In Agri-Business. 

MBA In Information Technology. 

MBA International Business 

MBA In Operations Management.

Syllabus of MBA in Agri-Business

Syllabus of MBA in Agri Business at VGU University:

Semester 1

Semester 2:

Managerial Economics 

Human Resource Management

Quantitative Methods for Management

Financial Management

Accounting for Managers

Marketing Management

Legal Aspects of Business

Research Methodology

Management Concepts

Introduction to Agri Business

Organizational Behaviour

Management Information System

Business Environment

International Business Management

Business Ethic

Total Quality Management


Elective I* Digital Marketing


Elective II*


Skill Enhancement Course


Semester 3

Semester 4

Project Management

Practical Training in Industry

Supply Chain Management


Strategic Management


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management


Livestock Production & Management


Farm Management


Fertilizer Technology and Management


Agricultural Marketing Trade and Price


Highlights of the course.

  • Alumni success stories.
  • Ethical values.
  • Social responsibility. 
  • Entrepreneurial focus.
  • Holistic development.
  • Industry tie-ups and guest lecturers.
  • State of the art facilities and cutting-edge technology
  • Flexibility in learning.

Reasons to choose Vivekananda Global University for your Online MBA program.

  1. Experiential Learning

VGU believes in learning by doing. MBA students are exposed. To real world challenges through case studies, simulations and projects. This hands-on approach not only helps them grasp concepts better, but instead problem-solving abilities and decision making acumen – both essential traits of effective leaders.

  1. Industry-Integrated Curriculum.

The MBA program at VGU is made in collaboration with industry experts, ensuring that students acquire skills that are relevant and valuable in the corporate world. Regular interactions with guest lecturers, workshops and seminars provide insights into industry trends, giving students a competitive edge. 

  1. Leadership Development Programs.

VGU understands that leadership isn’t innate It’s developed. Through specialized workshops, personality development sessions and leadership training. Students are empowered to communicate effectively, collaborate with diverse teams and inspire others. An indispensable skill set for future leaders.

  1. Global exposure.

In today’s globalized economy, leaders need to be adaptable and culturally sensitive. Vgu offers international exposure programs that allow students to experience different cultures, business practices and perspectives. This broadens their horizons and enhances their ability to lead in an interconnected world.

  1. Mentorship.

Every great leader has had mentors who guided their growth. At VGU. Students have the opportunity to connect with experienced mentors from the industry. These mentors provide guidance, share experiences and offer valuable insights that help students shape their leadership journeys. 


The evaluation shall include two types of assessments-

Examination Name


Marks Division

Continuous internal assessment



Summative assessment in the form of end-term examination. End-term examination will be held with proctored examination tool technology



Job opportunities after Online MBA from Vivekananda Global University.

Business Analyst

Marketing Coordinator

Sales Executive

Human Resources Specialist

Financial Analyst

Operations Manager

Digital Marketing Specialist

Supply Chain Manager


Market Research Analyst

Project Manager

E-commerce Manager

Business Development Executive

Customer Relationship Manager

Financial Planner

Social Media Manager

Retail Manager

Event Planner

Public Relations Specialist

International Business Consultant



Top hiring companies at Vivekananda Global University.


Yes, Vivekananda Global University courses (normal and online) are 100% approved by the University Grants Commission which is the regulatory body for higher education in India.

Vivekananda Global University is 153 out of 171 in India in 2023 overall in the All India Rankings. VGU is also ranked 2nd in Rajasthan by NIRF.

The Application Fee is Rs 1,000.

For the convenience of students, the fee is paid either lump sum or semester-wise.

Candidates will be notified by Vivekananda Global University within 48 Hours of submitting the application.

            •           Identity Proof

            •           Address Proof

            •           Copy of Class 10 mark sheet

            •           Copy of Class 12 mark sheet

            •           Year Wise/All Semester Wise Degree Mark Sheets (for PG Programs only) OR Consolidated Mark Sheets also accepted.


Yes, 10% Discount - Scholarship for Marks between 60% to 75% for 12th Std if applying for UG Program and 20% Discount - Scholarship for Marks above 75% for 12th Std if applying for UG Program.


And 10% Discount - Scholarship for Marks between 60% to 75% for Degree Program if applying for PG Program and 20% Discount - Scholarship for Marks above 75% for Degree Program if applying for PG Program.

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