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What Are The Key Reasons To Choose Chitkara University For Higher Education

  • 2024-05-25 03:14:47

Pursuing advanced degrees and certifications, such as master's, offers numerous personal, professional, and societal advantages. Individuals often embark on higher education journeys to enhance career prospects, acquire specialized skills, experience personal growth, expand their network of connections, satiate intellectual curiosity, contribute to research and innovation, positively impact society and community, gain global exposure and understanding, improve their competitiveness in the job market, stay abreast of industry requirements and trends, fulfill their academic aspirations, launch entrepreneurial ventures, and meet personal goals or family expectations. However, due to financial or time limitations, or any other personal circumstances, attending conventional courses and maintaining a physical presence in the classroom may not always be feasible for numerous individuals. In such circumstances, online courses frequently serve as the most beneficial solution. But while choosing an online university, one must consider accreditation, program offerings, faculty qualifications and experience, technology and learning platforms, support services, flexibility and convenience, costs and financial aid, reviews and reputation, graduation and job placement rates, alumni success and network, licensing and certification requirements, time to completion and structure, credibility and recognition, and student engagement and interaction scopes offered by the university or institution. 

Established in 2010 by the Punjab State Legislature, Chitkara University is a government-recognized institution under India's University Grants Commission (UGC). It holds the power to award degrees according to Sections 2(f) and 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956. Chitkara University boasts an A+ rating from NAAC, ranking it among India's top 5% higher education institutions with a 3.26 CGPA on a 4-point scale. As an AACSB member, Chitkara University exemplifies academic excellence and a commitment to preparing students for industry. AACSB International connects educators, students, and businesses globally to cultivate future leaders and offers quality assurance, business education intelligence, and learning services to its members. In the QS Asia University Rankings 2023: Southern Asia, Chitkara University secured the 145th position, showcasing its dedication to academic excellence and adherence to global standards. This ranking evaluates universities using various criteria such as academic and employer reputation and faculty-student ratio. Chitkara University achieved notable rankings in several categories of the 2023 NIRF Ranking, reflecting their commitment to academic achievement.

The University focuses on offering exceptional education through interactive course materials, advanced technology, and innovative teaching methods. The institution prioritizes professional success, inclusivity, accessibility, and continuous improvement through community engagement with students and faculty. The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) supports international students with relevant and practical learning opportunities for lifelong personal and professional growth. Adhering to integrity, quality, accountability, and individual leadership values, the university fosters a collaborative environment that nurtures and transforms students' lives.


Top Reasons to Select Chitkara University for Higher Education:

  • Chitkara University grants learners access to a vast alumni network of over 500,000 members. 
  •  The educational setting guarantees equal focus on every student, preventing marginalization. 
  • With connections to over 500 hiring partners, the university enables smooth career development for students.
  • Online MBA pupils at Chitkara can take advantage of the Chitkara Innovation Incubator, North India's prominent university-based government-funded incubator. 
  • Students receive personal mentorship from startup founders and can engage in masterclasses, and venture capital summits, and present their ideas to investors.
  • The curriculum incorporates cooperative multimedia resources and interactive case studies, fostering an inventive learning experience through advanced technology. 
  • The Chitkara Alumni Association Network (CAAN) unites alumni with the university, promoting communication among alumni, students, faculty, and staff for mutual benefit. Chapters in numerous Indian cities and Toronto strengthen class bonds globally.
  • Chitkara University offers various learning opportunities such as internships, case analyses, simulations, and entrepreneurial advice to help students become skilled decision-makers. In the 2021 placement drive, the university's placement division secured positions for 563 students from diverse programs.
  • Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2023 placed Chitkara University 5th in India and recognized its commitment to sustainability, education, and research by ranking well in multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through industry collaborations, Chitkara University bridges academia-industry gaps and fosters cutting-edge research and practical experience for its students.


Master's degrees and advanced certifications offer personal, professional, and societal benefits. With online courses, people can overcome financial, time, or personal limitations. Chitkara University, a top-rated Indian institution, offers exceptional education through advanced technology and innovative teaching methods. Aspirants can access vast alumni networks, achieve personalized mentorship, and benefit from various learning opportunities. With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge research, Chitkara University prepares students for successful careers and lifelong growth.



Yes it is. The university is UGC-AICTE -Approved, and NAAC A+ accredited.


Course duration is 2 years, and fees range from INR 2,00,000 to INR 3,00,000. 


Chitkara University supports students with various opportunities, including internships and entrepreneurial guidance. In 2021, 563 students secured placements through the university's dedicated placement division.


To apply for a program at the university, candidates must complete an online application form, meet eligibility criteria, and possibly take entrance exams. Shortlisted applicants undergo further selection stages which may include interviews or skill assessments. A merit list is created based on performance, and offer letters are sent to selected candidates who must then submit documentation and fees to secure their place in the program.


Students must pay fees online during enrollment using various payment methods such as Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Wallets, and Net Banking. Demand Drafts should be in favor of "Chitkara University" payable at Chandigarh. However, it must be noted that the fee structure may change at the University's discretion.


Chitkara University provides students access to its extensive network of over 500,000 alumni through the Chitkara Alumni Association Network (CAAN). This organization operates chapters globally, ensuring efficient communication among alumni, students, faculty, and staff for mutual advantage. Additionally, CAAN maintains relationships via chapters in various Indian cities and Toronto, Canada.

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