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The Rise of IIM Ranchi How the Institute Is Carving Its Niche on the Global Stage

  • 2024-04-23 08:15:08

IIM Ranchi, established in 2010, is acclaimed for exemplary management education. Despite its recent inception, the institute rivals older IIMs with intensive academics. It has gained international recognition for innovative and practical learning approaches. The curriculum is designed to build leaders equipped for the modern economic environment. Partnerships with global institutions enrich its educational influence. IIM Ranchi excels in molding individuals into versatile, forward-thinking leaders.

IIM Ranchi: Cultivating Academic Excellence

As the ninth member of the coveted IIM family, it recognized the need to carve out a special niche for itself to make an impact. It began by offering the flagship program - Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) - and swiftly expanded its portfolio to include programs such as Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM), Executive Programmes, Fellow Program in Management (FPM), and Doctoral Programmes. 

IIM Ranchi aspires to be a globally renowned management school through strategic initiatives and international collaborations. The institute is revamping its curriculum to align with global market demands, incorporating unique courses like Water and Sports Management to broaden educational perspectives. A dedication to local culture is evidenced by new programs like the human library and community library services. Aimed at enhancing global standing, IIM Ranchi is close to obtaining AACSB accreditation and has introduced roles for international visiting professors.

Global Ambitions: IIM Ranchi Forges International Alliances for Academic Excellence

IIM Ranchi's dedication to excellence is highlighted by its international alliances. These partnerships with institutions in North America, Europe, and Asia have enabled opportunities for student exchanges, collaborative research, and worldwide management contests. Through these initiatives, the institute has enriched student education and broadened its academic influence globally.

The teaching methods at IIM Ranchi integrate traditional case studies and interactive lectures with practical experiences through live projects and internships. This partnership with leading industries bridges the gap between academic theories and real-world application, preparing students for immediate entry into the dynamic business sector.

IIM Ranchi distinguishes itself by focusing on comprehensive development. The institution places high importance on nurturing ethically sound leaders who can address complex business challenges in an enduring way. Initiatives like workshops on ethical leadership and curriculum enhancements that emphasize sustainable practices underscore the institute's dedication to instilling responsible business values in its students.

In addition, the growing network of distinguished IIM Ranchi alumni who excel in various sectors worldwide enhances the institution's global reputation. These alumni lead innovative start-ups and occupy key roles in international companies, serving as proof of the high-quality education provided by IIM Ranchi.

Elevating Education: IIM Ranchi's Global Leap with Advanced Pedagogical Techniques

The Indian Institute of Management Ranchi is implementing a variety of advanced pedagogical strategies to enhance its academic programs to a global standard.

  • IIM Ranchi has broadened its curriculum to encompass both liberal arts and sciences, enhancing the educational journey with a comprehensive approach that supports core management studies.
  • The academicians at IIM Ranchi have developed elective courses that equip students with the capacity to tackle contemporary issues, effectively narrowing the chasm between theoretical study and real-world practice.
  • IIM Ranchi implements inclusive learning strategies aimed at delivering education to a wide array of students, ensuring equitable access to necessary supports and resources to thrive academically.
  • A commitment by IIM Ranchi to pioneering pedagogy includes experiential learning engagements, where learners delve into topics such as mergers and acquisitions via case studies and practical illustration, thereby deepening their grasp of intricate business affairs.
  • The curriculum at IIM Ranchi incorporates subjects like Design Thinking and Innovation, which serve to cultivate creative mindsets among pupils, prompting them to conceive original solutions to commercial quandaries.
  • Students at IIM Ranchi are stimulated to partake in inventive and participatory learning activities that favor active involvement and enrich their comprehension of academic concepts.

IIM Ranchi's Innovative Steps to Emerge as a Global Leader

Under the stewardship of Director Deepak Kumar Srivastava, IIM Ranchi has embarked on a series of strategic measures to establish its presence in the international arena. Outlined below are the principal measures they have undertaken:

  • Initiation of Specialized career-enhancing Courses: Commencing with the esteemed Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), IIM Ranchi has expanded to deliver specialized courses such as the Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management (PGDHRM), Executive Programs, Fellow Program in Management (FPM), and Doctoral Courses. 
  • 2030 Strategic Vision: With an eye toward 2030, IIM Ranchi has crafted a strategic vision centered around pivotal domains like education, research, global partnerships, and societal influence to amplify its international stature.
  • Global Educational Alliances: Diligently pursuing global partnerships, IIM Ranchi is coordinating with institutes across North America, Europe, and Asia to create student exchange opportunities, joint research projects, and involvement in international management competitions. 
  • Education Syllabus Enhancement: To correspond with the demands of the global marketplace, the institute is overhauling its syllabus and incorporating distinctive programs such as Water and Sports Management to expand the horizons of education. 
  • Community Integration Initiatives: Devotion to local culture is showcased through innovative initiatives like the human library and community library services by IIM Ranchi, to integrate with the local populace and enriching student education. 
  • Quest for AACSB Accreditation: IIM Ranchi is making headway towards earning the prestigious AACSB accreditation to bolster its global legitimacy and educational standards. 
  • Enlistment of Global Educators: In its quest for a more eminent global position, IIM Ranchi is welcoming international visiting professors to inject a worldwide perspective into its educational milieu.
  • Alumni Influence: The expansive network of illustrious IIM Ranchi alumni excelling across various global fields notably enhances the institute's reputation. These alumni are pioneering entrepreneurs and hold significant positions in global corporations, exemplifying IIM Ranchi's commitment to quality education.


IIM Ranchi has established international collaborations with North American, European, and Asian institutions for academic excellence. By promoting student exchanges, research cooperation, and global management events, the institute enhances student learning and expands its academic influence. Focused on comprehensive development, IIM Ranchi fosters ethically driven leaders capable of tackling complex business challenges. Furthermore, the institute's global reputation is strengthened by its distinguished alumni's accomplishments worldwide.








IIM Ranchi is recognized by the National Institute for Importance, under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, and accredited by the NBA, NIRF, WES, and AACSB. The institution's establishment was authorized by the Union Cabinet on August 27, 2009, as one of six new IIMs .


The IIM Ranchi admission process generally consists of two phases. Initially, candidates are shortlisted based on entrance exam performance, such as the CAT exam, with specific programs like the MBA-Business Analytics relying heavily on these scores. The second phase encompasses a Personal Interview (PI), and the final candidate selection is determined by their PI performance and other factors. It is crucial to note that additional eligibility requirements and entrance exams, such as GATE/NET-JRF/GMAT/GRE scores, may apply for specific courses; for online courses, applicants must register, complete an application form, submit required documents, pay fees, and wait for verification before receiving final admission confirmation.


Yes, IIM Ranchi offers EMI options for both online and offline courses, allowing students to manage their finances while obtaining a quality education; however, terms and conditions may vary among courses. In partnership with various Government Departments and Ministries, IIM Ranchi presents a range of scholarship opportunities while maintaining a high degree of formality.



IIM Ranchi's learning pedagogy includes a mix of case studies, interactive lectures, group projects, workshops, internships, and industry interaction. The institute also emphasizes research and practical learning.


Yes. IIM Ranchi students participate in corporate interactions through the institute's proficient Corporate Relations Team, that fosters connections with businesses, public sector organizations, and multinational corporations, ensuring successful career development. The institute's impressive placement record highlights competitive compensation packages and an expanding network of recruiters due to its robust collaboration with top-tier business firms.

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