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LPU Online MBA program detailed review of Specializations Fees Placements and Admissions Criteria

  • 2024-02-06 04:47:04

Program Overview:

Lovely Professional University's Online MBA Program is meticulously designed to furnish professionals with essential managerial competencies for global business leadership. Its flexible format is conducive to balancing career and personal life while advancing education. Structured as a two-year initiative, the MBA is segmented into four semesters. Each period encompasses a breadth of core and elective coursework that encapsulates diverse business management domains.

The comprehensive curriculum mirrors contemporary business management practices and trends. Fundamental subjects include but are not limited to Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategy. Elective tracks allow for targeted expertise in Finance, Human Resources, International Business, or Information Technology. Educational delivery utilizes synchronous and asynchronous techniques such as live webinars, pre-recorded content, faculty-led interactive engagements, online discussion platforms, and collaborative virtual project work. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology facilitates a cohesive and engaging e-learning environment. Leveraging an online framework affords unrivaled convenience in educational resource accessibility and offers adaptability ideal for employed individuals.

Key Features:

  • LPU’s programs feature an industry-focused curriculum crafted by academic and professional experts and are taught by highly skilled faculty members.
  • Their sophisticated LMS includes a cutting-edge mobile app and engaging features to enhance the teaching-learning experience.
  • LPU supports students in developing their skills according to their career goals and provides indispensable placement assistance.
  • Their specially curated master classes and guest lectures are delivered by renowned industry practitioners to offer invaluable, up-to-date insights.
  • Their comprehensive education package includes expertly designed curricula, capable professors, advanced learning tools, career support, industry expert master classes, and a reputable online MBA degree – all contributing to an exceptional learning experience.

Why opt for LPU’s Online MBA?

  • Developed in collaboration with sector experts, LPU's online MBA program's curriculum remains at the forefront of prevailing commercial methodologies and technological advancements, ensuring that students can seamlessly apply their knowledge to tangible business situations.
  • The LPU Online MBA program affords students the liberty to delve into specialized sectors, bolstering their proficiency in distinct domains and amplifying their appeal to prospective employers.
  • Encompassing a multifarious student assembly and internationally seasoned academicians, the course delivers a rich understanding of worldwide business viewpoints, equipping learners for vocations that may traverse global frontiers or encompass conglomerates of a multinational nature.
  • Utilizing the online milieu, students can forge substantial connections with contemporaries, alumni, and business experts—foundational for cultivating an expansive professional network.
  • The curriculum places a strong emphasis on nurturing essential soft skills like leadership acumen, effective communication, collaborative teamwork, and analytical problem-solving—all of which are prized across diverse sectors.
  • The academic journey accords students with adeptness in contemporary managerial tools and digital platforms, positioning them at the forefront of a tech-oriented commercial environment.
  • LPU commits to rigorous career facilitation services encompassing employment placement aid, thereby bolstering the employability and professional trajectory of its graduates.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs receive invaluable wisdom concerning venture inception and management through comprehensive education in entrepreneurship, strategic planning, and innovation within the program's framework.
  • Possessing an MBA credential paves the way to senior management roles and executive positions with prospects of augmented remuneration; an MBA from LPU further elevates one's stature in the job market given its reputation for strenuous academic preparation and extensive subject mastery.

About LPU:

Loely Professional University Online, an arm of the esteemed LPU, delivers diversified education digitally, welcoming students of various vocations and geographic limitations. It offers an extensive array of diplomas and degrees in fields such as business, IT, arts, and commerce. The flexible nature of its online platform ensures that students can engage with their studies at their convenience, balancing other life obligations. Leveraging a sophisticated Learning Management System, LPU Online provides interactive and engaging educational experiences. It maintains a high standard of instruction matching its physical counterpart through expert faculty and rigorous coursework.

LPU Online harnesses modern technology to facilitate effective content delivery, evaluations, and communication. Support services like academic consultation and career guidance are readily available for online learners. The qualifications attained via LPU Online enjoy recognition and accreditation by authoritative educational bodies and are valued by employers. Tuition is cost-effective compared to traditional education, additionally eliminating commuting and housing expenses. Graduates from LPU Online gain skills integral for career enhancement and join a worldwide network of professionals. LPU is one of India's highest-ranked institutions, boasting the exemplary NAAC A++ rating with a score of 3.68 out of 4.





Focuses on consumer behavior, market research, branding, advertising, digital marketing, and sales strategies.


Covers investment analysis, portfolio management, corporate finance, international finance, and risk management.

HR Management

Explores recruitment, training and development, performance management, compensation, and labor laws.

Information Technology

Deals with IT project management, systems analysis, data management, and the strategic use of technology in business.

International Business

Teaches about global markets, international trade, cross-cultural management, and global supply chain management.

Operations Management

Involves the study of production planning, inventory control, quality management, and logistics.

Supply Chain Management

Focuses on procurement, warehousing, transportation, and customer satisfaction in the supply chain process.


Encourages innovation and new business development, covering business planning, funding, and start-up management.

Business Analytics

Focuses on data analysis, decision-making processes, predictive modeling, and the use of analytics tools.

Retail Management

Deals with store operations, merchandising, e-commerce, and customer relationship management in the retail sector.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Covers the management of hotels, travel agencies, event planning, and customer service in the hospitality industry.

Healthcare Management

Provides insights into the administration of healthcare institutions, policy-making, and health services management.


Program Structure:

Sem 1

Sem 2

Sem 3

Sem 4

Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis

Corporate Finance

Discipline-Specific Elective I

Discipline Specific Elective IV

Managerial Economics

Operations Management & Research

Discipline-Specific Elective II

Discipline Specific Elective V

International Business Environment

Business Analytics

Discipline Specific Elective III

Discipline Specific Elective VI

Marketing Management

Research Methodology

Seminar on Summer Training

Generic Elective II

Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Dynamics

Legal Aspects of Business

Generic Elective I

Capstone Project


Communication for Leaders

Corporate Strategy & Entrepreneurship




  • Applicants are required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in any field or possess an equivalent qualification.
  • Alternatively, candidates who have completed the Company Secretary program from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India or are qualified Chartered Accountants from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, or Cost & Management Accountants from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India are also eligible to apply.

Please note: All eligibility criteria, admission prerequisites, and other associated conditions are subject to modifications at the discretion of the governing university.


Duration: 2 Years

Fee Structure:

Total Fees:

 If paid Semester-wise (INR)

If paid Lumpsum (INR)



Program Fee: 40,000, (per sem)

Exam Fee: 4,000 (per sem)



(which comes out to be ₹ 40,000 per sem.)



Total Fees (With up to 40%* Student Grant)

 If paid Semester-wise (INR)

If paid Lumpsum (INR)




Program Fee: 28,000 (per sem.)

Exam Fee: 4,000 (per sem.)



(which comes out to be 29,200 per sem.)


Note: The above fee is exclusive of the initial Registration Fee of 600/- (non-refundable). #Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh


Total fee for International Applicants (Other countries):

If paid Semester-wise (US$)

If paid Lumpsum (US$)




Program Fee: 1500 (per sem.)

Exam Fee: 150 (per sem.)


(which comes out to be 1500 per sem.)




Total Fees with up to 40%* Student Grant:

If paid Semester-wise (US$)

If paid Lumpsum (US$)



Program Fee: 1050 (per sem.)

Exam Fee: 150 (per sem.)


(which comes out to be 1095 per sem.)




Lovely Professional University (LPU) offers a variety of scholarships for its students—including online MBA participants—based on merit, financial need, athletic prowess, or standardized test scores. However, scholarship availability and criteria for online programs may fluctuate periodically. LPU's comprehensive scholarship initiative strives to enhance the affordability and accessibility of education, requiring applicants to furnish requisite documentation and meet predetermined eligibility standards.


Admission Process:

  • Enrolment: Initiate the registration process by submitting a fee of INR 600.
  • Application Submission: Provide your details, remit the requisite program fee, and upload the necessary documentation via the online form.
  • Verification Process: Once your documents are submitted, await confirmation from the University's verification team.
  • Student Onboarding: Following confirmation, you will receive learning management system (LMS) login credentials through email.


Mode of Payment:

  • Upon securing admission, enrollees need to pay the stipulated fees through the designated online portal.
  • The official admission portal facilitates fee transactions via numerous online payment methods, including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI, Wallets, and Net Banking.
  • However, students must verify the authenticity of the payment recipient and avoid making payments to any unauthorized individuals or through unverified websites or links.

Note: The University disclaims responsibility for any financial mishaps as a result of negligence in this regard.


Learning Pedagogy:

Lovely Professional University employs an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) for its remote MBA curriculum, ensuring a dynamic and interactive educational experience. Centralizing all digital academic functions, this system offers essential tools to aid learners and instructors alike. The platform is engineered for straightforward use, allowing students to concentrate on their studies with minimal technical interference. Its features bolster the virtual learning experience, reflecting the high standards of traditional classroom instruction.


Key Features of LPU’s LMS are:

  • Accessible Learning Resources: Structured by course and topic, students can access an array of materials including lecture notes, presentations, assignment readings, and multimedia offerings.
  • Engaging Video Lectures: Supports synchronous and asynchronous video lectures, facilitating real-time student engagement or study at their leisure.
  • Enhanced Communication: Incorporates forums, chat functions, and messaging to foster dialogue and collaboration among students and educators.
  • Rigorous Online Assessments: Facilitates quizzes, tasks, and examinations online with provisions for security and maintaining scholastic integrity.
  • Academic Progress Monitoring: Enables students to monitor progress, check grades, and get feedback on submissions via the LMS.
  • Team-Based Learning Support: Offers tools for managing group assignments and interactive learning to promote cooperation among peers.
  • Comprehensive Digital Library: Houses a digital repository with academic journals, electronic books, and other resources pertinent to the MBA curriculum.
  • Integrated Technical Assistance: Provides dedicated technical support within the LMS to aid students and faculty with technological issues.
  • Mobile-Optimized Learning: Ensures LMS functionality on mobile devices, offering the flexibility to study using smartphones or tablets anywhere.
  • Customizable Education Experience: Offers tailored content and learning paths that adapt to individual student performance and preferences.


Examination and Evaluation:


  • Ongoing Evaluation: Continuous assessment includes quizzes, assignments, case studies, and class participation to gauge student comprehension and application skills.
  • Final Exams: End-of-term evaluations feature objective and subjective questions, covering all coursework, potentially conducted online.
  • Remote Proctoring: LPU incorporates virtual proctoring for online tests to uphold exam integrity, using webcams and monitoring software.
  • Grading Criteria: Student performance is measured using a grading system that may operate on absolute marks or a curve-based evaluation.
  • Constructive Feedback: Post-assessment comments are provided for students to recognize their strengths and improvement areas.
  • Major Projects: Depending on the course, a capstone project or dissertation is required, allowing independent research and contributing to final grades.
  • Practical Evaluations: Certain courses utilize practical or simulation assessments to test real-world skills in specialized fields.
  • Integrity Policy: Strict academic integrity rules are enforced with consequences for violations to safeguard evaluation legitimacy.
  • Grade Appeals: Students possess the right to contest grades or request examination reassessment in case of perceived discrepancies.


Placement Assistance and Career Scope:

The Professional Enhancement Programme incorporates specialized sessions as part of the Placement Enhancement Program (PEP) aimed at honing students' aptitude, reasoning abilities, soft skills, and interview techniques. Furthermore, to simulate actual interview scenarios, Mock Interviews are arranged to afford participants the chance to refine their responses and conduct under evaluative conditions, thereby bolstering their self-assurance. Complementarily, Online workshops will be convened in strategic alliance with avant-garde industry experts aspiring to furnish attendees with a profound understanding of sector dynamics and the requisite competencies for prosperity in their prospective professional pursuits.


Top Hiring Companies:

Wipro, Vistara, Videocon, Tally, OYO, LIC, Kotak, Pantaloons, Indigo, Max Life, Paytm, Globe Toyota, Amazon, IBM, JW Marriott, Vodafone, HDFC, Panasonic, Flipkart, and many more.



Popular Career Options after MBA:

Job Position

Average Annual Salary (INR)

Quality Control Manager

5,00,000 – 7,00,000

Store Development Manager

5,00,000 – 10,00,000

HR Recruiter

2,00,000 – 5,00,000

Operations Manager/Project Manager

5,00,000 – 10,00,000

Customer Relationship Manager

3,00,000 – 5,00,000

Marketing Manager

12,00,000 – 14,00,000




Q- Are LPU's online learning initiatives UGC-approved?

LPU is authorised by the UGC to offer programmes in the online mode without the UGC's previous clearance because it was ranked twice in the NIRF ranking in the years 2020 and 2021. As a result, the UGC has granted LPU the proper authorization to offer programmes online.


Q- What placement initiatives LPU is implementing?

As part of its Placement Enhancement Program (PEP), LPU holds classes where students receive training in aptitude, logic, soft skills, and interviewing techniques from the beginning of the semester until their placements.


Q- How will I find out if any placement drive companies are available?

Through the announcements in your e-Connect, you will be informed. For updates, you must frequently check your LPU e Connect announcement section.


Q- What is the maximum age at which a person can enrol in LPU online?

Admission at LPU OL is not restricted by age.


Q - Can I simultaneously pursue two programmes?

No, LPU OL only allows you to enrol in one programme at a time.


Q - If my qualifying tests results are still pending or I have a backlog, need to retake, or need to compartment in the qualifying exam, and am I still able to get admission?

Candidates who have not yet received their qualifying exam results are still allowed to apply as long as they submit the results to the university by the deadline for provisional registration, at the time of admission, or by the deadline the university specifies.


Q- What would happen if I don't submit the outstanding paperwork by the deadlines?

If an applicant does not provide original documents for verification by the specified date(s) or fails to provide proof of meeting the university's requirements, they will not be considered eligible for admission, and the admission will be revoked regardless of the reason it was granted. In this case, the applicant will have no recourse of any kind against the university. The candidate will also be responsible for paying the fee and other charges for the remainder/entire term of the programme. Fee and other costs, including any money paid by the candidate for provisional registration, will stand forfeited.


Q- When will my study materials arrive?

Your e-Connect accounts, whose login information is given to you at the time of acceptance, give you access to your study materials online. Once you enrol in your programme, you get immediate access to eLearning materials, video lectures, presentations, etc.


Q- Can I download and save the LPU e-connect study material?
The LPU e-Connect study material can be downloaded and saved.


Q- Do I need to pay an additional price to pick up the study materials?

Study Material is completely free of cost and have been uploaded on LPU e-connect.


Q- How much weight do the final exam and on-going evaluation have?

End-of-term exams are weighted 70%; the continuous assessment is weighted 30%.


Q - What constitutes an evaluation?

Depending on the course's nature, the elements of evaluation for students using the online mode are as follows:

Continuous Evaluation (CA)

End-of-Term Exam (ETE) (for Theory Courses)

End-Term Practical/Project (ETP) (For courses based on practical work, projects, dissertations, and term papers)


Q - How long are the end-of-term exams?

Examinations typically last for three hours.


Q-What kinds of questions are asked in the final exam?

Objective and subjective questions with short and extended answers are included in the end-of-term exam.


Q- Are there any negative marks for wrong answers?

The concept of negative marking does exist at all.

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