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How Does Periyar Universitys MBA Program Ensure Optimum Career Advancement

  • 2024-05-31 08:43:55

A distance MBA program has become increasingly popular among ambitious professionals who are looking for opportunities to advance their careers while maintaining their work and personal commitments. The flexibility, affordability, and accessibility of these programs attract individuals from diverse professional backgrounds. A distance MBA program facilitates optimal career progression by offering flexibility, specialized knowledge, networking prospects, and skill development. Designed for working professionals, it provides the convenience to study without disrupting their careers and hones a variety of managerial and leadership skills. Students can specialize in specific fields and benefit from networking opportunities despite the online format. The program offers a global perspective, applicability to the workplace, professional development, leadership training, access to experienced faculty, and career services support, and promotes continuous learning and adaptability. It also demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and gains credibility from reputable institutions.


Distance MBA program offered by Periyar University:

The Distance MBA program at Periyar University delivers superior management education for students, encompassing critical functional areas crucial for the growth of individuals and organizations. The curriculum masterfully integrates theoretical knowledge and practical application across a range of management disciplines. This course is optimally designed for graduates, working professionals, and entrepreneurs seeking to augment their management prowess. It aims to equip students with comprehensive management expertise spanning multiple domains, fostering efficacious and sustainable development for both individuals and organizations. The program emphasizes the acquisition of theoretical knowledge while concurrently applying practical management principles. Its ultimate objective is to cultivate students' leadership capabilities, business networking acumen, intellectual curiosity, and research-driven mentality. By nurturing strategic thought, assertiveness, and persuasive skills, the course prepares participants to make well-founded decisions in a global context through autonomous and analytical research methodologies.


Periyar University's distance MBA program, spanning two years and divided into semesters or terms, provides study materials in various formats such as textbooks and online resources. The program employs a range of distance learning methods, including online resources, recorded lectures, and assignments. A project or dissertation is necessitated to demonstrate the application of acquired knowledge in practical scenarios. The program's flexibility facilitates self-paced learning for busy individuals and professionals. Comprehensive support services are provided to distance learners by Periyar University, encompassing e-learning platforms, faculty access, academic counseling, and technical assistance. Students can access a diverse array of learning resources including animated/gamified modules, live interactive sessions, tutorial-recorded videos, web resources, interactive videos, discussion forums, lab environments, practice tests, study guides, and e-books. The MBA program offers specialization choices in Operations, Finance, IT, HR, and Marketing.


Optimizing Career Progression through Periyar University's MBA Program:

  • After pursuing the distance MBA from Periyar University, career opportunities, and their respective average salaries include Marketing Manager (INR 3,00,000 to 20,00,000), Business Development Manager (INR 2,70,000 to 9,00,000), Medical Practice Manager (INR 10,00,000 to 24,00,000), Operations Manager (INR 3,00,000 to 15,00,000), HR Manager (INR 2,50,000 to 14,00,000), Supply Chain Manager (INR 2,70,000 to 19,00,000), Regional Sales Manager (INR 5,00,000 to 22,00,000), Brand Manager (INR 6,00,000 to 29,00,000), and Digital Media Manager (INR 2,30,000 to 12,00,000).
  • Some of the top recruiters include Face-Prep, Satellite Solar, Conserve Solution, Sky Solar, Tech Clustron Energy Private Limited, Vee Technology Pvt Ltd, Infosys Technology Ltd, HCL Ltd, DSK Inno Sciences Pvt Ltd, Shield Institute of Communicative English, Wipro Technologies Ltd, Tata Consultancy Services, and AAA International among others.
  • The Career Guidance and Placement Cell of Periyar University strives to secure job placements for students across various industries while enhancing their soft and linguistic abilities. 
  • This cell offers assistance with interview preparation, coordination of mock examinations, group discussions, interactive sessions, guidance in company selection procedures, and identification of job prospects for students.
  • In the 2019-20 Periyar University Placement report, 84 out of 146 eligible undergraduate students procured job positions at a median salary of INR 9,60,000. Meanwhile, among the postgraduate students, 169 out of the 690 eligible candidates received job offers accompanied by a median remuneration of INR 1,20,000.
  • According to the 2023 NIRF report, 181 out of a total of 778 undergraduate and postgraduate students were successfully placed during the 2022 recruitment drive. The median pay packages amounted to INR 3.50 LPA for undergraduate students and INR 3 LPA for their postgraduate counterparts.



The online degree programs offered by the university are valid due to their UGC-DEB-AICTE approval and NAAC A++ accreditation. In accordance with UGC guidelines, live lectures are conducted for all courses.


The Periyar University Career Guidance and Placement Cell assists students in securing placements and developing soft and language skills. The Periyar University Career Guidance and Placement Cell assists students in securing placements and developing soft and language skills.


In 2019-20, 84 undergraduates and 169 postgraduates received job offers with median salaries of Rs. 9,60,000 and Rs. 1,20,000 respectively. The 2023 NIRF report stated that 181 out of 778 UG and PG students were placed in 2022, with median packages of INR 3.50 LPA for UG (3-year) and INR 3 LPA for PG (2-year) students.


For Indian students : INR 41,000 to INR 71,000,

For the International students - INR 61,000 to INR 1,06,000


The available learning resources for students encompass animated/gamified modules, live interactive sessions, tutorial recorded videos, web resources, interactive videos, discussion forums, lab environments, practice tests, study guides, and e-books.



Continuous Internal Assessments consist of 3 parts, each with 10 MCQs and 3 subjective questions, totaling 25 marks. The best score from the three parts is considered for evaluation. Students access CIA through the LMS. Online exams have a total of 75 marks, with Part A comprising 25 MCQs and Part B having students answer 5 out of 8 subjective questions. For online exams, students need laptops/desktops with cameras and good internet connectivity. Non-English subjects or those requiring graphs need QR scanned answer sheet uploads. Results are declared within 45 working days and mark sheets are generated within 15 working days from the result declaration date.



There are two scholarships: 1) Dr. Ambedhkar and Rajaji Meritorious Scholarship for first-year PG students with the highest UG score, renewable for the second year if they pass all subjects. 2) Tuition Fee Waiver Scheme for B.Voc. students in Food Science and Nutrition/Textiles and Apparel Design, and physically disabled students in University Departments, regardless of their category and program enrolled.

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