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Dive Deep into Hindi Literature Pursue an MA at Mangalore University

  • 2024-01-19 05:58:13

Hindi literature brims with eloquence, profound poetry, and insightful philosophy. It throws mild at the cultural diversity of India and well-known shows the intensity of human emotions.

If you like Hindi and want to explore the large international of Hindi literature, then a Masters’ degree in Hindi from Mangalore University may be a transformative journey.


In this blog, we can communicate approximately MA applications in Mangalore University for folks who need to dive deeper into Hindi literature.


About The University:


First, let’s take a look at Mangalore University.

Mangalore University is situated in the picturesque coastal city of Mangalore, Karnataka. A prominent university that is known for its dedication to academic achievement and holistic education. The University has experienced impressive growth in popularity, due to which it has become a well-known center for higher education. Since it has become an academic hub, it provides several undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees in various fields, which help students, choose the best option for them.

Mangalore University has organized a Correspondence Education Program and established the Centre of Distance Education so that every student from all over the country can get the right to education. There are many graduate and postgraduate courses provided by Mangalore University that are offered in Distance Education Mode.


Accreditations and Approvals:


Over the years, Mangalore University has gained several Accreditations and Approvals. They are:



MA in Hindi at Mangalore University:


The MA in Hindi program at Mangalore University is a distinguished academic offering designed for students who have a deep passion for Hindi language and literature.


Students who successfully finish this two-year postgraduate program will be well-versed in Hindi literature, language, and its cultural significance. Through a well-designed curriculum and the leadership of skilled faculty, the MA program equips students with the skills they need to interact with Hindi literature and contribute to the field.


Benefits of pursing this course from Mangalore University:


A Reputable Institution: Mangalore University offers a thorough MA program in Hindi and is known for its academic brilliance. The university has an outstanding background with a committed faculty that is famous for its skill in Hindi literature and language. A thorough comprehension of Hindi literature is guaranteed by pursuing an MA at Mangalore University.


Various Courses: At Mangalore University, the MA degree in Hindi offers a wide range of subjects that eventually help students find the various sorts, chronicled periods, and subjects of Hindi writing. The educational programs are designed to give the students a thorough comprehension of writing, whether it be in the form of complex or classic works. Writing, shows, scholarly investigation, old stories, and other subjects may be included in Hindi courses. The inclusion of these changed programs makes a difference because understudies now have an intensive understanding of Hindi writing.


Competent Faculty: Competent Faculty: Students at Mangalore University are guided by a group of competent faculty members who are enthusiastic about Hindi literature. The professors have in-depth know-how of a huge kind of additives of Hindi literature, which include significant literary actions, important theories, and linguistic peculiarities. They are fully prepared to provide in-depth reasons for the cloth and inspire complete know-how among students. Under the steerage and watchful eye of the teachers, students get the opportunity to hone their personal literary expressions and expand a thorough comprehension of Hindi literature. They are equipped to succeed in their literary endeavors and improve their entire educational experience due to the coaching and guidance they receive.


Research Opportunities: Mangalore University offers ample research opportunities for MA students in Hindi literature. Students would possibly opt to awareness of precise regions of interest and do independent observation under the supervision of their teachers. After which, their knowledge of specific techniques will be improvised and they can easily contribute to the field of Hindi literature. Students can delve deeply into their chosen study topics due to the university's well-equipped library and study centers.


Cultural Immersion: Mangalore University affords a vibrant academic and cultural environment that nurtures a deep appreciation for Hindi literature. Numerous literary gatherings, talks, and events are held on campus that draws professors, authors, and students from all over the world. Due to the intellectually stimulating environment and cultural interchange this fosters, students have a better appreciation of Hindi literature and its relevance in Indian society.


Career Opportunities: Numerous employment options are available with an MA in Hindi from Mangalore University. Graduates can look for employment opportunity in various fields which includes journalism, translating, writing, and teaching Hindi .The MA degree builds up students for number of employment opportunities by giving them a deep understanding of Hindi literature as well as critical thinking, analytical skills, and a strong command of the language.


Duration, Eligibility, and Fees:



2 Years (2 Semesters)


10+2 from a recognized board.

Graduation from a recognized board.


INR 18,500 for the full course.


Course Curriculum:


First Semester

Second Semester

History of Hindi Literature


History of Language and Hindi Language

Modern Poetry

Old and Medieval Poetry

Modern Prose

Hindi Prose

Indian and Western Literary Criticism

Grammar and functional Hindi

Translation and Journalism


Career Opportunities after this Course


Graduates of Mangalore University's MA in Hindi degree can investigate a range of employment options, including:


Hindi Language Teacher


Content Writer/Editor


Research Scholar


Language Specialist in Publishing Industry

Cultural Event Organizer

Government Sector Jobs (e.g., Civil Services, Public Administration)

Freelance Writer/Editor




Those who are interested about Hindi literature can pursue an MA in Hindi at Mangalore University, which offers an enriching and transformational experience. Students have the opportunity to explore the enormous universe of Hindi literature, examine its complexities, and contribute to its preservation and advancement thanks to a well-rounded curriculum, knowledgeable instructors, research opportunities, and a culturally immersive setting. Mangalore University might be your entry point to a fruitful academic and literary journey if you have a passion for Hindi literature and a desire to explore deeply into its depths.




Q - Is distance learning offered at Mangalore University?

Yes, students can enroll in genuine and UGC-approved distance education courses through Mangalore University's Centre for distance education.


Q - Is Mangalore University recognized by the NAAC?

Yes, Mangalore has received Grade "A" accreditation from NAAC for its contributions to education.


Q - Is the Mangalore University Center for Distance Education accredited?

Yes, the University Grant Commission and Distance Education Bureau have acknowledged and given their approval to the Center for Distance Education created by Mangalore University.


Q- What grade point average need you have in order to get admitted to any PG Department at the Mangalore University Centre for Distance Education?

Candidates who want to enroll in Mangalore University's PG Distance Education Program must have earned at least a 50% grade point average in their undergraduate degree. Mangalore University or any of its affiliated colleges must be used to obtain the graduation degree.


Q – How is the course material get delivered to the students?

Students are required to read the books recommended in the learning material, with the study materials provided by the Center for Distance Education serving as the primary source.
Students have access to the materials held by the library, department of Education, study centers, and schools at Mangalore University. Both physical visits and mail requests are acceptable methods of obtaining the resources offered by the Center for Distance Education.


Q- What evaluation and examination process at MUDE?

The semester exam will be evaluated on a 100-point scale, with the question paper accounting for 70 points and the internal assessment for the remaining 30.

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