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Amity Online MCA A Detailed Review of the Program Specializations Fees Placements and Admission Criteria

  • 2024-05-27 08:21:03

Program Overview

The Amity Online MCA (Master of Computer Applications) programme is a 2-year postgraduate course that imparts theory and practical knowledge of computer applications. The main objective of the MCA programme is to give comprehensive training to students to empower them with knowledge. 

MCA course provides conventional as well as innovative approaches to solving real-world societal problems with the help of cyber security, Artificial Intelligence and Data science. The course focuses on the study and creation of business applications, rather than just programming and learning other concepts. Projects in each semester improve student’s technical orientation, understanding of IT concepts, and domain knowledge. 

Soft skills techniques are also covered in the syllabus, which leads to the overall personality development of the student.

Key Features 

  • Flexibility, Convenience, and Comfort Learning: Amity University Online encourages students to learn on their terms, with flexibility and self-paced study.
  • Diverse Learning Environment: It fosters personalised learning, interactive tools, and diverse connections. Provides industry-accredited programs.
  • Accreditation: Amity University's online programs are accredited, ensuring they meet high academic standards, quality education, and industry requirements. 
  • Affordability: Top-notch quality education at an affordable price, with financial aid.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: Amity University Online provides career development services, industry-relevant curriculum, and practical experience for better job prospects. 
  • Wide range of specialisations: Amity University Online provides a wide range of specialisations from which students can choose one that aligns with their career goals.
  • Globally Recognized Degree: Get the skills and knowledge recognized by employers worldwide with this globally accredited MCA program for excellence.

Why opt for Amity Online MCA course?

Amity University’s Online MCA program is carefully designed for an enriching learning experience, which envisions well-rounded and versatile business leaders.

  • Amity Online has been ranked among the top 50 universities by QS.
  • The university has been accredited with an A+ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • Amity Online has been ranked 35 by NIRF
  • Degree programmes are approved by AICTE
  • First university in India to receive UGC approval for online degrees
  • Provides world class education from top Indian and Global faculty.
  • Enhance your learning through printed books, audio books, and campus library resources
  • Provides placement opportunities from over 500+ hiring partners across domains

About Amity University Online

Amity University Online provides top-notch education with a holistic approach that entails the content technology, marketing and services in close collaboration with corporates and academics for delivering rigorous industry relevant curriculum. The Institute provides customized programmes that are aimed at addressing students’ professional needs.


  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • AR and VR

Program Structure 

Ist Semester 2nd Semester
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Network Security and Cryptography
Advanced Database Management Systems Cognitive Analytics & Social skills for professional
Advanced Software Engineering Principles Data Structures and Algorithm Design
Professional Communication Research Methodology
Core Java  
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Cloud Infrastructure and Services Major Project
Quantitative Aptitude
Professional ethics
Seminar (Evaluation)

Unix /Linux Programming

Statistics Using R Programming


For Indian students:

  • BCA
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science / Engineering
  • Any Bachelor’s degree with Maths at 10+2 level
  • Students without Maths at 10+2 can also apply after qualifying the bridge course

For Foreign students

  • Any Bachelor’s degree (BCA preferable)
  • Well versed with spoken and written English
  • Certificate of equivalence from Association of Indian Universities


The Online MCA Degree Programme from Amity University is a two-year programme that enables professionals to thrive and develop analytical abilities to face the business situation

Fee Structure 

Per semester fee: INR 41,000

Full course fee: INR 1,64,000


Scholarship %



95% aggregate* and above in CBSE/ ISC Board of Class XII and 80% in Graduation


90% - 94.9% aggregate* in CBSE/ ISC Board of Class XII and 75% in Graduation.


90% aggregate* and above in State Board of Class XII and 75% and above in Graduation.

Continuation of Scholarship

Scholarship is granted on annual basis and continuation in second and further years of the program is subject to scholarship policy.

To continue receiving 100% scholarship students must secure position in top 5% of the merit list for the program. For continuing 50% scholarship, students must secure position in top 10% of the merit list for the program.

Admission Process

  • Register Yourself: The first step in the admission process is to complete the registration form, submit all documents and pay the registration fee. 
  • Complete Form and Submit Documents:  The student needs to complete the admission form and submit all mandatory documents including required fees.
  • Admission Confirmation: Once the application forms are completed and the registration fees paid by the student, admission to the program is confirmed. Upon confirmation, the student will be enrolled in the program. Full course information will be available online at the beginning of the event, and the admission credentials will be shared with the students.

Mode of Payment

Students can pay their fees through an online mode of payment. All major credit cards/debit cards/net banking are accepted for the payment of fees.

List of Documents

After the completion of the payment, the students have to attach the necessary documents:

  • 10th and 12th Mark sheet and Degree
  • UG Mark sheet and Degree
  • Aadhar Card or any government ID
  • Photograph

Learning Pedagogy 

  1. Virtual Recorded Lectures by expert faculty: Recorded lectures of explaining concepts and subject are provided to students for a virtual-class experience. This ensures smooth learning anywhere and anytime. 
  2. Interactive learning materials: Every learning content is designed in a way that is interesting and not boring for students to learn. Interactive learning content keeps students engaged throughout the online lectures and helps them gain maximum learnings out of it.
  3. Performance assessment: Students are encouraged to take up assignments and manage projects. Live projects enhance problem-solving skills and so, every course includes solving exercises and project work.
  4. Industry-oriented webinars: To understand the market trends, it is important to stay in touch with the industry experts. The university hence conducts industry-oriented webinars with industry leaders so that students gain more knowledge and stay up to date with industry trends and demands. 
  5. On-demand video lectures: Sometimes understanding few concepts seems difficult. In such situations, students can demand an online lecture on the specific topics that seems difficult. This helps in proper understanding of concepts and eases the learning process.

Examination and Evaluation 

All the evaluations of the university will be done twice a year (June and December), with online assessment through Remote Proctoring. The overall assessment for a course will consist of the following two components: 

Continuous Assessment (30%):

  • Self-Assessment Questions (MCQs) - 10 per unit, total 10 units.
  • Formative Assignment I (MCQs) - 20 marks.
  • Formative Assignment II (MCMR) - 10 marks.

Term End Exam (70%):

  • Section I (A): 40 MCQs.
  • Section I (B): 5 MCMR questions, 10 marks each.
  • Section II: 3 subjective questions (attempt any 2), 10 marks each. Passing: Each component (Formative/Summative) requires 40%. Overall (100% combined) also requires 40%

Placement Assistance and Career Scope 

Amity university online provides students with access to a wide network of industry connections, which can help them secure desirable job prospects. The University offers one-on-one support for personalized career counselling, which guides students to align their skills, interests, and goals. Refining communication and boosting confidence can be achieved by participating in mock interviews. The placement cell at the university arranges networking events where students can interact with professionals, employers, and alumni to establish connections and explore career opportunities.

Top Hiring Companies 

Amity University has some of the popular and reputed organisations to facilitate the placements for all students.




Q- Are Amity Distance and Amity Online identical thing?

No, the Amity Directorate of Distance and Online Education (ADDOE) is a different part of Amity University that offers open and distance learning courses. Amity Online University is a subsidiary of Amity University that offers only online education.


Q- Does Amity Online provide job placement services?

Yes, in addition to professional training and support like help with CV building, webinars with professional experts, workshops for the event of soft skills, etc., Amity Online University offers placement support to students in the form of virtual job fairs.


Q- Is an Amity online degree recognized?

Yes, Amity University has received significant accreditation and approval from national organisations just like the UGC, NAAC, NIRF, AIU, and others. The university's degrees are fully genuine and revered both in India and overseas.


Q- Does Amity Online provide scholarship opportunities?

Yes, Amity Online University offers merit scholarships based on exam results, with eligibility starting at a 60% score. The institution may also choose to award scholarships to students in certain exceptional circumstances.


Q -Is Amity Online approved by UGC and AICTE?

Amity Online has UGC permission but no AICTE approval as the AICTE only approves programs for technical education.


Q - How to receive a letter of admission?

The student receives an automated push message with all of his login information after the enrolment number is produced. It is conceivably a letter of admission.

Q - How will a student receive confirmation of admission?

When the admissions process is complete and an enrolment number is generated, a member of support staff will contact the student to confirm their enrolment through mail.

Q- How can I apply for admission to Amity University Online?

student can visit Amity University’s website to apply online. Also, they can send message through chat box available on website. 

Q- Is there a fee associated with registering for an online programme?

No registration fee is required to apply for any online programme.


Q- What type of study materials are being provided by the university?

 In addition to program books being delivered to the registered address, semester-specific films are also available in the student zone.


Q- When will the study materials arrive?

After payment confirmation, you'll receive the study materials at your registered address within 15 days.


Q - Do the University also courier books and educational materials?

Yes, the University sends the study materials to the student’s registered address.


Q- How can I get access to my online course?

The online course can be started by enrolled students after they receive their LMS login credentials. Students can access their live sessions, study materials, assignments, and other course-related information through the LMS, which is structured with all the relevant information. Students will have 24/7 access to online learning materials. As a result, they can study at their convenience.


Q- What details are available in the LMS?

Amity uses an LMS to distribute course content, manage student registration and administration, schedule and track student progress, assess student performance, and generate reports.


Q-Can a student sees all the live streaming lectures or the recorded ones?

For every program, there are one-on-one live sessions available.


Q- How long does each one-on-one live session last?

Each live session lasts for 45 minutes.


Q- What is an LMS, and how do a student can utilize it?

A software program known as a learning management system (LMS) manages every part of the learning process in an electronic setting. It is a framework for recording, managing, tracking, reporting, and delivering courses or training programs using electronic educational technology.

Amity offers online courses and improves on-campus courses using a powerful LMS. The transmission of course content, student registration, and administration, scheduling and tracking, evaluating and producing results, reporting, and resource and performance management are all features of the LMS that Amity uses.


Q-How to take live sessions?

Every student is notified through mail when any live sessions are scheduled. Students can access the student zone to watch the live session.


Q - What is the internal evaluation for UG and PG students?

There are two parts to each exam for a given semester:

  • 70%-weighted End-of-Term Examination (ETE)
  •  30% weightage - Internal Assessments

1. End Term Examination (ETE): Twice a year, the End Term Examination will be offered online using the Amity test engine. The multiple-choice and open-ended questions on the test would follow the following format:–

Part A: Contains four subjective questions worth 7.5 marks each; choose two to attempt and type your thorough responses in the dialogue box given. This paragraph receives 15 marks.

Part B: consists of two questions of 7.5 marks each after a case study. This section is worth 15 points.

Part C: consists of 20 MCQs with a two-mark maximum. This section is worth 40 points.

2. Internal Assessment: To complete the process of internal evaluation, which contributes 30% to the overall assessment, each student must submit assignments by the due date. The Learning Portal offers a tool for online assignment submission.

NOTE- Results for students who didn't finish and pass the internal evaluation won't be released for that semester.


Q - How exams are conducted?

All program exams are given online. Exam spaces are available, and they are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.


Student support services like admission counseling, orientations, complaint and grievance redressal bodies, placement support and assistance, etc., are crucial services that the university must provide to guarantee that the experience for the students while completing the course is hassle-free and convenient.

Amity Online University provides its students with services including personal mentoring, access to lectures and webinars with lecturers from foreign universities, including Ivy League colleges, placement support, and simple ways to contact the university administration in case of complaints or questions. With all of these resources available, students may learn effectively and get their questions answered in a timely manner.

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