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Accelerate your career with Mizoram University Online MCom program

  • 2024-01-30 07:53:06

Having a firm grasp of business, finance, and accounting can be essential for job success in today's quickly evolving corporate environment. Success in the workplace may depend on having a solid understanding of business.


A Master of Commerce (M.Com) degree can be a wise choice if you want to advance your career in the business and finance sectors.


It's simpler than ever to accomplish your academic goals while still maintaining your career and personal commitments thanks to Mizoram University's Online M. Com program. This program is intended for people who wish to improve their knowledge and abilities in the areas of business, accounting, and finance in order to give themselves a strong advantage when applying for jobs.


This blog will cover the advantages of the online M. Com. degree offered by Mizoram University, how it functions, and why it can be the best choice for your career aspirations.


Mizoram Online University

The leading higher education school Mizoram Online University offers students the chance to complete all of their coursework totally online and obtain degrees and certifications. The institution offers an extensive range of programs, including diploma and certificate programs, undergraduate and graduate degrees, and more. 


Students get access to excellent course materials, engaging learning tools, and dedicated support services through the university's user-friendly online platform. The Mizoram Online University is dedicated to providing students with a superior education that will position them for success in their chosen fields of study.



Why Mizoram Online University?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India, a statutory organization in charge of governing and upholding the standards of higher education in the nation, has granted Mizoram Online University accreditation.

The institution is a part of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), an organization that fosters collaboration between Indian universities and advances higher education.

Moreover, Mizoram Online University's programs are approved by several professional organizations, including the National Council for Teacher Education and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) (NCTE).

The university's programs meet the strictest requirements of quality and are acknowledged by companies and other educational institutions both in India and abroad thanks to these accreditations and recognitions.


Mizoram University Online M.Com

The Master of Commerce (M.Com) program at Mizoram Online University is a great option for individuals who want to advance their knowledge and abilities in business and finance. Students who complete the program will have a solid understanding of the ideas and concepts in accounting, finance, economics, taxation, and other related fields. The course material, which includes a wide range of topics like financial accounting, corporate finance, marketing management, and business law, has been carefully designed to match the demands of today's business environment.


Fees, Eligibility, and Syllabus

Eligibility: The requirements for this course are a high school diploma or its equivalent (10 + 2 + 3) from an accredited board or university. For all PG programs, applicants who have relevant work experience of at least two years will have their eligibility requirements relaxed.


Fee Structure:

Students in India

  INR   21,700 /- Annually

Students in SAARC Countries

  INR    26,960 /- Annually

Students from the rest of the World

  USD  550 /- Annually


Syllabus Overview:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Business and Professional Skills

Business Environment

E-Commerce Applications and Securities

Strategic Management

Managerial Economics

Risk Management in e-Business

Network Infrastructure and Payment System

Business Intelligence


Services Marketing and e-CRM

Legal Security and Challenges in E-Commerce

Digital Media Laws and Security Laws

Marketing Management

Business Analytics

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Project Work

Financial Accounting and ERP

Digital Business Management

Mobile Commerce Technology

Seminar and Viva Voce


Benefits of M.Com from Mizoram Online University 

Since the course is fully online, students can access it from anywhere and at their own speed. For working people who wish to balance their studies with their professional and personal commitments, it is the perfect solution. Students get access to top-notch course materials, engaging learning tools, and focused support services through the university's online platform.

A universe of prospects in the commercial and finance sectors may be made available to those with an M.Com from Mizoram Online University. Alumni of the curriculum can work in a variety of industries, including banking, accounting, finance, and taxation. The curriculum can improve participants' problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking abilities, all of which are crucial for success in both professional and personal endeavors.

Overall, earning an M.Com degree from Mizoram Online University can give students the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in the business and financial sectors, as well as flexibility, respected accreditations, and chances for personal development.




Yes, Mizoram University has a Center for Distant and Online Education that offers distance education courses as well as a handful of completely online courses to undergraduate and graduate students.


Yes, Mizoram Online University offers online MBA courses with five concentration options for students: marketing management, financial management, entrepreneurship, big data analytics, and logistics and supply chain management.


Yes, effective of 2022, Mizoram University will provide only totally online courses with sanction from UGC-DEB.


No, there are not currently any resources available to offer scholarships to students.


The UGC-DEB has approved Mizoram Online University, and it is a reputable central university in India. As a result, this university's degrees, diplomas, and certificates are fully genuine and respected both in India and overseas.


On the initiative of the Indian Parliament, Mizoram University was founded as a central university in 2001.


A central government university is Mizoram University.

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