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A Path to a Great Career Bharati Vidyapeeth BBA

  • 2024-01-16 05:17:15

Are you ready to take your career to the next level with an online BBA program? Look no further than Bharati Vidyapeeth an institution that stands out from the crowd and delivers an extraordinary educational experience. It is renowned for its exceptional track record in producing graduates who excel in the business world. By enrolling in their online BBA program, you'll be joining a community of driven individuals who are passionate about business and eager to make their mark in the industry.


The three-year BBA program offered by Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University (BVDU) aims to empower students to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape. With a vision centered on "Social Transformation Through Dynamic Education," this program endeavors to cultivate leaders with exceptional business acumen and proficient problem-solving abilities. Participants can anticipate acquiring a profound understanding of business principles, theories, and functional areas through an engaging online learning experience.

Objectives of the Course: -

  • Develop a deep understanding of management and business concepts.
  • Establish a strong theoretical and practical foundation.
  • Prepare for challenging responsibilities and career opportunities.

Program Details:

  • Academic Eligibility : 10+2 in any stream or equivalent from any recognized board
  • Duration : 48 months
  • Number of batches in a year : 2 (January June)
  • Curriculum Pattern :8 Semesters
  • Course Structure: Total Number of Courses: 35 Courses + 1 Project
  • Credit Distribution:35 courses: 132 credits ,1 project: 4 credits ,Total: 136 credits
  • Grading Percentage Breakdown: Internal Exam: 30% weightage ,Final Exam: 70% weightage
  • Fee Structure :Tuition Fees: INR102,000,Registration fees: INR1,000 ,Admission fees: INR 1,000

The medium of instruction and examination is in the English language, and students are required to complete the course within four academic years from the date of admission.The online BBA program offered by Bharti Vidyapeeth is a three-year program spanning 36 months and consisting of six semesters.


Some notable benefits and features of the program: -


  • Industry Expert Faculty: The faculty members of the online BBA program are primarily industry experts, bringing their practical knowledge and real-world experience into the virtual classroom. Their expertise ensures that students receive relevant and up-to-date insights into the business world.
  • Advanced Teaching Methods: The program utilizes advanced technologies and teaching methods to enhance the learning experience. Interactive lessons, case studies, assignments, and discussion forums are employed to actively engage students, promote critical thinking, and facilitate the application of theoretical concepts to practical scenarios.
  • Flexibility and Convenience: As an online program, the BBA course offers flexibility and convenience to students. They can access course materials and participate in classes from anywhere at their preferred time, enabling them to balance their studies with work, personal commitments, or other obligations.
  • Interactive Learning Environment: The online classes foster interaction and collaboration between students and faculty members. Through virtual discussions and group projects, students can engage in meaningful academic discourse, exchange ideas, and broaden their perspectives. This interactive learning environment enhances the overall educational experience.
  • Holistic Business Education: The comprehensive curriculum of the BBA program covers various areas of business, including management, marketing, finance, human resources, and more. This holistic approach equips students with a well-rounded understanding of the business world, preparing them for diverse career opportunities.
  • Practical Application: The program emphasizes practical application through case studies and assignments. Students have the opportunity to analyse real-world business scenarios, develop problem-solving skills, and gain practical insights that can be directly applied in professional settings.
  • Networking Opportunities: The online BBA program allows students to connect with a diverse group of peers from different backgrounds, fostering valuable networking opportunities. Building relationships with fellow students and faculty members can create professional connections that may benefit students in their future careers.

Admission Process


  1. Online Registration: Prospective candidates must complete the online registration process on the university's official website.
  2. Completion of Admission Form: After registering, candidates are required to meticulously fill out the comprehensive admission form provided online. The form will encompass personal details, educational background, and other pertinent information.
  3. Verification: Once the admission form is filled, the university authorities will verify the candidate's information. This verification process will involve validating the authenticity of the submitted documents and information.
  4. Document Submission: Upon successful verification, the candidate needs to submit the original copies of the following documents:
  • Original and photocopy of the 10th and 12th mark sheets with pass certificates
  • Original and photocopy of the mark sheet and certificate of the most recent qualifying examination
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs for the identity card
  • The document providing proof of age (such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving License, or Birth certificate)
  • Photo identity document (such as Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving License)
  1. Provisional Admission: Following the submission of the required documents, the university will grant provisional admission to the student. The original documents will be returned to the student.
  2. Enrolment: Once all the verification procedures are completed, the student will be officially enrolled in the university and considered admitted to the BBA program.



Semester 1 Course Code Courses   Semester 2 Course Code Courses
101 Business English - Communication.   201 Environmental Science
102 Business Organization & Systems   202 Principles of Management
103 Micro Economics   203 Macro Economics
104 Business Accounting.   204 Management Accounting
105 Foundations of Mathematics and Statistics   205 Business Statistics

Community Work-I  
Community Work II Swachha Bharat Abhiyan
Career & Life Skills   Sectoral Analysis
Waste management   Smart Cities
Semester 3 Course Code Courses   Semester 4 Course Code Courses
301 Computer Applications for Business   401 Enhancing Personal & Professional Skills
302 Organizational Behavior   402 Human Resource Management
303 Principles of Marketing   403 International Business
304 Introduction to Financial Management   404 Business Research
305 Entrepreneurship Development   405 Business Laws

Community Work  
Community Work
Start-up Management   Basics of Taxation
Agro Tourism   Yoga - I
Semester 5 Course Code Courses   Semester 6 Course Code Courses
501 Summer Internship Report & Viva   601 Industrial Exposure (Mini Project)
502 Services Management   602 Introduction to Strategic Management
503 Elective Paper I   603 Elective Paper III
504 Elective Paper II   604 Elective Paper IV
Introduction to Operations Research
  605 Disaster Management

Social Media Management  
Business Ethics
Road Safety & Management   Basics of Hospitality Management
Event Management   Yoga - II


Career Opportunities


After successfully completing an online BBA from Bharti Vidyapeeth, a wide range of career options and opportunities await graduates. Here are some prospective career paths and job prospects: -


  • Corporate Employment:Graduates can apply for entry-level positions in diverse sectors such as marketing, finance, sales, human resources, operations, and administration. They can join esteemed corporate organizations as management trainees, business analysts, marketing executives, HR associates, financial analysts, and more.
  • Government Positions:BBA graduates can explore job opportunities in the government sector. They can seek positions in government organizations, public sector undertakings (PSUs), and various government departments. Roles may encompass administrative officers, project coordinators, research assistants, and management trainees.
  • Entrepreneurship:BBA graduates possessing an entrepreneurial mindset can embark on their own business ventures. The knowledge and skills acquired during the program will aid them in establishing and effectively managing their businesses. They can pursue opportunities across various sectors based on their interests and specialization.
  • Advanced Studies:Students aspiring for further knowledge and skill enhancement can pursue higher education after completing their BBA. They can opt for a Master's in Business Administration or specialized programs in finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and more. Higher education opens up advanced career opportunities and positions in higher-level management.
  • Research and Consultancy:BBA graduates can explore opportunities in research and consultancy firms. They can work as research associates, market research analysts, business consultants, or data analysts. These roles involve analyzing business trends, conducting market research, providing strategic recommendations to clients, and assisting in crucial decision-making processes.
  • Non-Profit Organizations and NGOs:Graduates can also consider working in non-profit organizations, NGOs, or social enterprises. These entities require professionals with strong business acumen to manage their operations, fundraising efforts, project management, and community development activities.


Additionally, becoming a part of the alumni forum of IMED provides networking opportunities and access to the valuable experiences of former students. This can significantly aid in job placements and career guidance.


In conclusion, the online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program offered by Bharti Vidyapeeth presents a range of compelling benefits and key features. With a flexible three-year duration, interactive learning environment, and a comprehensive curriculum, students can acquire a well-rounded business education. The program's industry-expert faculty, advanced teaching methods, and practical application opportunities enhance the learning experience. Additionally, the program offers networking prospects and holds recognized accreditation, ensuring the degree's value in the professional world. By enrolling in the online BBA program at Bharti Vidyapeeth, students can embark on a rewarding educational journey that prepares them for success in the dynamic field of business.




Q - Where and how I can submit my queries, questions, grievances and feedback?

The School of Online Education (SOE) of Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) includes specific email addresses for student support with regard to questions, complaints, and criticism. Both and are the email addresses. The students can email these email addresses with any questions, complaints, feedback, or other issues for which they need assistance. Throughout office hours, the BVDU SOE support desk will be monitoring these emails and responding to each one with the proper assistance or solution for the students. Any complaints that the help desk is unable to resolve will be sent to the grievance committee for action. During office hours, students can also call the office numbers. Callers can reach them at 020-24407100, 24407299, and 24407199. (Ext. 429).



Q – What is the admission procedure at The School of Online Education (SOE) of Bharati Vidyapeeth

  • By completing the admissions form, the applicant must submit an application for admission to any academic programme.
  • Upon verification of his or her entrance eligibility to the programme of choice, he or she will be admitted provisionally.
  • Then, he or she will be required to fulfil the eligibility criterion by uploading the necessary original documents.

Q- Where can I get syllabas details? 

A specific webpage for programmes offered in the online mode is maintained by the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) School of Online Education (SOE) ( Under the programme menu, you may find the program's specifics. Under the details tab, you can find information about the program's structure and cost, and under the curriculum tab, you can see its whole syllabus.


Q -What is schedule for the classes? How can I get the schedule of classes?

There will be classes on both Saturday and Sunday. On, under the announcements area, the class schedule will be posted. The direct URL is The student should frequently check the webpage for updates.


Q- How can I get the Self Learning Material (SLM)? 

Learning materials are provided by the authorised SWAYAM platform through the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) School of Online Education (SOE). For the current semester of the programme for which the student has applied, the BVDU SOE will enrol students in all of the courses. Students who have signed up for SWAYAM have access to recordings of classes, other learning resources supplied by teachers, and self-paced learning material (SLM).



Q- How will I come to know about important announcements about academics and examinations?

A specific webpage for programmes offered in the online mode is maintained by the Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) School of Online Education (SOE). This information can be found online at Under the announcements option on the home page, the significant announcements will be shown. is the actual URL for this.


Q- What steps I need to follow to appear for examination? How can I appear for examination?

The Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), under the direction of the Controller of Examination, administers the exams for the online mode programme. Through the HireMee app or online examination portal, students can take exams. The instructions must be followed by the students in order to take the online exam. Indian students can take the online exam through the HireMee App or the HireMee portal, however only foreign students can take it through the HireMee portal. Both techniques permit examination with only a test pin. Students are not permitted to download the app or log in to the site.


Q- Where can I see my result?

A link to the outcome can be found online at Online results are available for students to view. Only the students whose addresses are on file will receive a physical copy of their grades.


Q- What happens when I miss the examination of particular subject due to technical issues?

The student must only disclose this information to the university office during exam times.


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