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A Look at Shiv Nadar University Placement Assistance Resources

  • 2024-01-29 01:18:08

Shiv Nadar University (SNU) is a renowned private university located in India Greater Noida, with a commitment to providing quality education to its students. Apart from offering top-notch academic programs, the university also provides various placement assistance resources to help its students secure their dream jobs. In this blog, we will take a closer look at SNU's placement assistance resources and how they benefit students.

Career Development Centre (CDC) The Career Development Centre (CDC) at SNU is a one-stop-shop for all things career-related. The CDC offers a range of services to help students prepare for their careers, including resume and cover letter writing assistance, interview preparation workshops, and career counselling. Students can also access the CDC's online job portal, which features a database of job openings and internships from various companies.
Industry Interaction Cell (IIC) The Industry Interaction Cell (IIC) at SNU is dedicated to promoting industry-academia collaboration. The IIC organises various events and workshops throughout the year, including guest lectures, industry visits, and panel discussions. These events provide students with opportunities to interact with industry experts and learn about the latest trends and developments in their fields.
Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) at SNU is a student-run organisation that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation among students. The E-Cell organises various events and workshops throughout the year, including hackathons, business plan competitions, and entrepreneurship boot camps. These events provide students with opportunities to develop their entrepreneurial skills and network with like-minded individuals.
Alumni Network SNU has a robust alumni network, with alumni working in various industries and organisations worldwide. The university's alumni network is a valuable resource for students seeking career advice and guidance. Students can connect with alumni through various channels, including social media platforms and alumni events.
Internship Opportunities SNU has collaborations with various companies, allowing students to intern with some of the leading organisations in their fields. The university's Career Development Centre (CDC) provides students with internship opportunities based on their academic interests and career goals. These internships provide students with valuable work experience and help them build their professional networks.
Placement Drives SNU organises placement drives throughout the year, inviting companies from various industries to hire students for full-time positions. The university's Career Development Centre (CDC) works closely with companies to ensure that students are matched with positions that align with their academic interests and career goals. Placement drives provide students with opportunities to showcase their skills and secure job offers before graduating.



Now before we conclude our blog, let's look at the statistics of the placement drive for Shiv Nadar University in 2022 to get a better idea of their placement cell and also list down their top-notch Recruiters; 


Shiv Nadar University Placement Highlights 2022-2023 (Ongoing)



Highest package offered

Rs 58.09 LPA

Average package offered

Rs 12.46 LPA

Median package offered

Rs 11.77 LPA

Highest package for MBA students

Rs 22 LPA


Shiv Nadar University Recruiters


Ashok Leyland



American Expres








GE Power





Shiv Nadar University's placement assistance resources are designed to help students succeed in their careers. The university's Career Development Centre (CDC), Industry Interaction Cell (IIC), Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), alumni network, internship opportunities, placement drives, and student profiles are all valuable resources for students seeking career guidance and job opportunities. These resources not only help students secure their dream jobs but also equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the professional world.




Q- Is Shiv Nadar University accredited by the UGC?
Shiv Nadar University has been approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC).


Q- Is SNU a deemed university?
It is a private university that has UGC approval.


Q- Which foreign universities are affiliated with SNU Noida in total?
The University of California, University of Bologna, University of Queensland, Deakin University, and other foreign universities have signed MoUs with Shiv Nadar University.


Q- How are the placements at SNU?
Shiv Nadar University has a 92.5% scenario record for ground positions in 2021–2022. During the position drive, INR 24 LPA was the CTC that was given as being the highest.


Q. How can I apply for admission to SNU?
SNU admissions are managed electronically via the university's official website. Each of the programs has an application fee of INR 1,200.


Q. Why should I choose SNU?
SNU provides an abundance of priceless academic and cultural resources. Daily programs include public debates and lectures, and eminent foreign speakers frequently stop by. Additionally, the university is home to two highly regarded museums that add to its cultural diversity.


Q. How are exams administered in the online format?
The online technology-enabled proctored mode is used to administer exams in accordance with the new regulations. The exam format includes both internal and external evaluations.

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