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A Look at MAHE Onlines Flexible Learning Modalities

  • 2024-01-10 07:32:23

One of the most sought-after learning modes among students today is online learning. In this digital age, online learning provides students with the convenience of saving money, freedom, and a better understanding of the world. One of India’s best universities, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, provides students with a range of online programmes. These programmes enable students to learn according to their busy schedules. However, how does online education compare to traditional classroom education? What are the learning methods and delivery styles of these programmes?


Why Should You Consider MAHE for Online Programmes?

  • Curriculum of High Quality:

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) has a long history of educational success. MAHE is one of India's top-ranked institutions. It received UGC accreditation in 1993 and was placed seventh in the 'University' category by the National Institute of Higher Education (NIRF 2022). MAHE provides high-quality online programmes in a variety of subjects, including engineering and technology, management and humanities, and so on.


  • Curriculum that is both rigorous and challenging:

MAHE's curriculum is designed to give you a tough and demanding education. It is periodically updated to keep up with industry advances.


  • Choices for flexible learning:

Because MAHE recognises that students require flexibility, it has created its online programmes to be as convenient and adaptable as possible. Students are free to study whenever and wherever they want, at their own pace. It helps them balance their education with their obligations to their jobs, families, and other responsibilities. 


  • Qualified faculty:

The faculty at MAHE is highly skilled, seasoned educators who are specialists in their fields. They are ready to offer advice and assistance at any time during your programme because they are committed to giving students an exciting and enriching learning experience.


  • State-of-the-art technologies:

To deliver its online programmes, MAHE makes use of cutting-edge technology and online learning environments. It makes sure you have access to all the tools and resources you need to succeed, such as interactive learning resources, online lectures, and virtual classrooms. Additionally, you have access to a range of support services, such as technical support, career counselling, and academic advice. 

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Advantages of Online Education:


  • Easy-to-use learning mode:

The entire learning process takes place online, and all students attend regularly scheduled virtual classes. A teacher who oversees these classes online also helps students with their online assignments. Digital tests and assessments are administered through the Learning Management System (LMS). Because of this, online education is not location-specific and merely depends on how easily both students and teachers can access the Internet. 


  • Improved pupil-teacher interaction:

Distance learning and online learning include different types of interactions between teachers and students. Virtual courses and well-defined modules are often used in online learning programmes. They also follow a more participatory pattern. They utilise a hybrid digital learning approach, making both group projects and one-on-one assignments more interesting.


  • Diverse Course Selection: 

A wide number of courses and programmes are available on online learning platforms, catering to a variety of interests and professional choices. Online learning provides a wide range of opportunities, whether you want to pursue a degree, pick up a new skill, or explore a passion


  • Customised learning environment: 

Students can design their learning environment online to meet their specific needs. Students can choose courses based on their interests, skip lessons they are already adept in, and come back to difficult subjects as often as necessary.


  • Career progression:

Online learning offers a flexible path for both professional development and career advancement. Professionals can continue to work while gaining new skills, certifications, or advanced degrees, providing them a competitive edge in their fields. 


  • Suitable for Professionals in the workforce: 

Working adults may balance their education with their employment and home commitments thanks to the accessibility and flexibility of online degrees. Without having to move, they can select from a variety of courses and colleges around the world, boosting their employment prospects and developing their professional skills.


How do you get the most out of your online courses?


  • Create a schedule: Establish a focused study schedule that works with your other obligations, including those to your job and family. To properly manage your time and keep up with your coursework, consistency is essential. 


  • To set goals: For each course, clearly state your learning objectives and establish attainable goals. As a result, you'll stay motivated and concentrated the entire programme and achieve real progress. 


  • Interact with your peers: Participate in online forums, discussions, and virtual classes. Active participation improves learning, encourages knowledge exchange, and fosters the development of relationships with teachers and other students. 


  • Controlling Distractions Reduce interruptions by setting up a peaceful, dedicated study area. Allow your family or roommates to know when you have turned off the notifications on your devices.


  • Remain arranged: Utilise digital tools or a calendar to keep track of assignments, due dates, and available resources. To prevent stress at the last minute and guarantee timely submissions, set reminders and prioritise chores. Actively engage with the course materials, which include readings, lectures, and extra materials. To improve your knowledge, make meticulous notes, ask questions, and seek clarification. 


  • Practise self-discipline: Self-motivation and self-discipline are essential for success in online courses. Hold yourself accountable for finishing tasks and remaining interested in the course topic. Remain dedicated to your study. 


In conclusion by selecting MAHE for your online educational goals, you not only gain the benefits of a renowned university with a solid track record, but also a creative and flexible learning environment enhanced by knowledgeable faculty and cutting-edge technology. With an ongoing dedication to quality and student achievement, MAHE stands as a light of academic excellence, ready to advance your educational endeavours into the digital age.


Key- Takeaways:

  • A user-friendly and interactive platform that offers access to course materials, lectures, and assignments is used to deliver online programs.
  • Through online chat rooms, virtual discussion forums, and video conferencing, students participating in MAHE's online programmes can communicate with their classmates and professors.
  • The MAHE online programmes are created to offer students a typical classroom-based education of the same calibre but with the convenience of distance learning.



Please take this seriously and give it your best shot. The Admissions Committee's decision is final. Applicants may reapply to MCH in the subsequent academic year during a new admissions cycle if they so choose.


Applications are processed in cycles spanning several months, typically from October/November through July/August, for MCH programmes. The official website makes it quite obvious when to apply and when not to. To increase their chances, applicants are recommended to apply as soon as possible. All applications are processed by the admissions committee within a few weeks, and the applicant is informed of its decision quickly. It's advisable for you to budget for a 4-6 week waiting period.

A postgraduate programme must last at least two years. However, the program's validity is double its length, thus students will be able to finish it in four years.

Yes. Students who enrol in the online degree programmes become members of the Manipal Academy of Higher Education's alumni network and receive all benefits that come with it. They can interact with classmates and expand their professional and social network by connecting with people all over the world as alumni. They will have access to the alumni site for Manipal Academy of Higher Education.

Third and fourth-semester electives are available to online MBA students. Finance, Marketing, HRM, Analytics & Data Science, Operations Management, BFSI, Retail Management, IT & FinTech, Information System Management, Project Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, and Total Quality Management are some of the elective courses available.
Students will have access to the Learning Management System (LMS), student portal, and electronic library once their admission has been approved by the institution. The course material can then be accessed by students, allowing them to start their learning process.
Applications can be filed at by supplying the necessary information. The application process is entirely online. Through this link, candidates can also apply. Contact our admission counselor at +91-7304-000-444 if you require additional help, and they will help you with the application procedure.

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