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5 Innovative Programs Offered By Hindustan University

  • 2024-02-16 07:45:25

Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science is an esteemed institution renowned for its focus on innovation and excellence in education. With the introduction of its Centre for Open and Digital Education (CODE), the institute has embraced the potential for online learning to transform the landscape of education. Hindustan University CODE offers a diverse range of courses, designed and delivered by industry experts, accessible from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a working professional looking to up-skill, or a student seeking to enhance your education, CODE provides an accessible and flexible platform to help you achieve your professional goals. 

It offers a variety of innovative programs that cater to the needs of today's digital age. Whether you are looking to update your skills or gain new knowledge, CODE has a range of courses available that cover topics such as data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more. With a team of experienced educators and experts, these programs provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen fields. Plus, the flexible learning options make it possible for anyone to access quality education, regardless of their location or scheduling limitations. Hindustan University has a wide range of programs available through its Centre For  Open And Digital Education (CODE). Whether you are looking to further your education or start a new career, there is a suitable program for everyone. Some of the areas of study include engineering, business, arts and sciences, and more. With the flexibility of online learning and the abundance of resources, Hindustan ensures a comprehensive and supportive learning environment for students of all backgrounds.

Hindustan University- the Centre for Open and Digital Education (CODE) offers several top-notch programs designed to equip students with skills that are in high demand in the job market. Among the top 5 programs offered by CODE are:

  1. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA). 

Graduates with a BCA degree from Hindustan University-CODE are well-equipped to pursue various career opportunities in the field of technology. This program gives students access to various innovative specialization topics like data analytics, multimedia and animation, and database management systems. 

Eligibility for BCA: Candidates for admission to the BCA program must have a 10+2 grade point average of at least 50% in any of the three subject areas (Science, Commerce, or Arts) without using any approximations.

The candidate must meet all of the specified admission norms and requirements set forth by the Institute, AICTE, and UGC.

Fee Structure: 

Indian Nationals & For SAARC countries      

Foriegn Nationals

35000 x 3 years

$1000 x 3 years


  1. Bachelor in Commerce (B.Com).

The B.Com program, which specializes in Banking and FinTech, is designed to prepare students to excel in the world of banking and financial technology. It introduces a student to the latest technologies such as APIs, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies, as well as advanced banking tools. 

Eligibility for B.Com: Applicants from any stream who have completed their 12th grade, PUC, or high school are eligible for admission to the B.Com programme.

The candidate must meet all of the specified admission norms and requirements set forth by the Institute, AICTE, and UGC.

Fee Structure: 

Indian Nationals & SAARC countries

Foreign Nationals

35000 x 3 years

$1500 x 3 years


  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

The BBA program of the university comes with a specialization in logistics management. After completing a BBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, individuals gain a fundamental knowledge of logistics and supply chain business operations, including planning, execution, and control of a seamless, continuous, and consistent flow of goods.

Eligibility for BBA: Applicants from any stream who have completed their 12th grade, PUC, or high school are eligible for admission to BBA programmes.  The candidate must meet all of the specified admission norms and requirements set forth by the Institute, AICTE, and UGC.

Fee Structure: 

Indian Nationals & For SAARC countries

Foriegn Nationals

35000 x 3 years

$1500 x 3 years


  1. Masters of Computer Application (MCA).

This advanced degree program provides students with an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and cyber security. 

Eligibility for MCA : Passed a BCA, Bachelor's in Computer Science, or equivalent degree, or a B.Sc., B.Com., or B.A. with Mathematics at the l0-plus-2 or collegiate level (with additional bridge courses in accordance with the requirements of the relevant University). Achieved a minimum score of 50% (or 45% for candidates from reserved categories) on the qualifying exam.

Fee Structure: 

Indian Nationals & For SAARC countries

Foreign Nationals

45000 x 2 years



  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA). 

The MBA program allows students to choose from a wide list of specialization topics. The list comprises cutting-edge subject matters like digital marketing and e-commerce, operations management, HR management, marketing, project management, information and technology management, and many more. 

Eligibility for MBA: Anyone with a graduate degree or a bachelor's degree in any field from an accredited university and an overall score of at least 50% is eligible to apply. The percentage for students in the reserved category has been decreased to 45% overall as an inclusive measure.

Fee Structure:

Indian Nationals & For SAARC countries

Foreign Nationals

60000 x 2 years



Hindustan Online CODE: Courses, Fees, Admission 2023


Live lessons scheduled in advance:

Experts from the industry and faculty with national and international renown for each module.

Industry leaders serving as mentors:

With industry specialists, career assistance and portfolio building are provided.

Market-focused specialties:

All of the programs close the gap between industry and academia while offering a variety of job options.

Researched and carefully prepared curriculum:

Prepare the students for the workplace

Blended education: including easily understandable course material, faculty films that have already been recorded, and participatory live sessions.

Global norms:

Live presentations on specialized topics by foreign faculty.

Learning from experience:

Case studies and small projects

Group instruction :

Discussion board that is faculty-moderated to promote meaningful debate on the subject being studied - Access to digital libraries, Curriculum was facilitated by MOOCs, practical instruction in the newest cutting-edge technology and digital tools, Distinguished Alumni are helping to link academic research with practical applications in industry.



Q - Is Hindustan University recognized by the UGC?

Yes, CODE and Hindustan University have received UGC-DEB approval.


Q - Is Hindustan University a private or public institution?

The Hindustan Group of Institutions is a privately held company.


Q - Is the postgraduate degree from Hindustan Online - CODE recognized?

Yes, all major corporations in India and abroad will recognize and accept a postgraduate degree from HITS. According to UGC and AICTE, HITS is a globally recognized institution. HITS is accredited by the NAAC, NBA, NIRF, etc.


Q - Is there an entrance for CODE?

No, entrance to the courses is mostly determined on the student's HSC or graduation-level performance.

Q- How does a student can pay for online courses from Hindustan?

The application fee and tuition payments can both be submitted online.

Q- How can I submit an application to Hindustan Online University?

By first enrolling on the official website (, one can submit an application for admission to CODE.

Q- How will I find out whether my admission has been confirmed?

Student’s registered phone number or email will be used to contact you by our admission office regarding your admission status.


Q - What programmes are available through Hindustan Online - CODE?

Numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees are available through Hindustan Online - CODE. These consist of

BBA, BCA, B. Com, MBA, MCA, or MA

Q - What learning method does Hindustan Online - CODE use?

Students at Hindustan Online - CODE learn using a mixed method that combines videotaped lectures, online readings, and faculty and group discussions.

Q - Does the University offer study materials for all of the programmes?

Yes. For all programmes, CODE will supply study guides. Depending on the course they have chosen, students will receive paper or online course materials, i.e. Open Distance Learning (ODL) or Online Learning (ODL).


Q - How are the exams administered at CODE?

The term-ending exams are entirely administered online by the institution. The proctored exams can be taken by students from any location that is convenient for them.


Hindustan CODE has an active student support system with the following features:

Live Interactive Lecture Sessions with Faculty: The University’s faculty is available to provide direct assistance and explanation to students through live interactive lectures.

Webinars with Experienced Professionals: Another method to ensure that students can engage with business leaders and improve their professional skills while pursuing their educational degrees is the regular holding of professional webinars.

Peer Interactions: Students have the opportunity to interact with one another in group sessions led by teachers or subject-matter experts. Since the course is primarily performed online, this aids them in developing relationships with their classmates while enabling them to learn through a variety of viewpoints and conversation.

Support for Placement: The institution also gives students training in professional skills through assistance from professionals and partnerships with other professional businesses that give students access to a range of possibilities for career exploration.

Student Grievance Redressal by University: Hindustan-CODE has a carefully crafted grievance procedure that operates impartially and without bias. The rights and obligations of the student, the teacher, and the university towards its pupils are all well-documented.

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